Teddy Bear Camera under $200.00

Teddy Bear Camera with IR LED's

This teddy bear is just a little extra special. It sees in the dark and it doesn't keep secrets. Our all new teddy bear camera has just arrived and is ready to join you in your home. With the camera hidden in the eye and infrared LEDs on it's chest, you have a winning combination.

This low price is for a COLOR Camera!

We've named him Maxim for the truth he brings to light and of course in no light at all.

This plush teddy bear camera is simple to operate and set up. We've designed it to work with your existing VCR and TV so that there is nothing more to buy. Simply attach the included receiver to your VCR's RCA type inputs, select the appropriate input, and hit record. It's that simple.

Use the teddy bear camera in any room of your home. Know that your children are safe while Maxim sends a hidden wireless video signal directly to your TV in another room. The camera is hidden in the eye of this teddy bear and all the components are neatly tucked away from prying eyes.

For short term use you have the option of using the internal battery holder. For long term use we've included a power supply that will give you unlimited usage.

Never before have we offered a teddy bear camera at a price this low. Using the latest CMOS technology we're able to give you 300 Lines of resolution at 3 LUX. Now, this isn't the lowest light camera we offer so if you need something that can see in starlight just let us know. We'll do our best to accommodate you.

Maxim's internal video transmitter operates in the 2400 ~ 2453 MHz range and will transmit it's signal up to 200ft line of sight or about 100ft inside your home. If you need a longer range system please let us know.

It's up to you to protect your children and your property. You know the value of an extra pair of eyes. Know your children are safe, protect your belongings, help catch criminals, get that peace of mind you know you deserve.

Maxim is ready to come home. Give this loving teddy bear camera a chance to prove to you that he can be the eye that never blinks. See what you've been missing.
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