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January 25, 2005 -- It is with great pleasure that we launch TAC's AutoSalesBlog, of the TechAutoCareers? website. It is our goal to always be improving our products and services and offering our loyal supporters the best user experience possible Over the past 30 years, I have worked as a teacher, writer,public speaker, appliance salesperson, automotive salesperson, and sales manager and sales trainer. I am currently the director of TACPubUSA?, one of the largest producers of sales training-automotive sales home-study courses in the world.

How To Succeed In The Automotive Industry the fastest growing training publication, breaks into Googles top 10 as of 10-05-04. "We aim to be the definitive,single point of reference on the web for Automotive Sales Consultants world wide"

Automotive sales consultants have gotten a bad reputation in the past. But to me nothing is more important than for us to get our hard-earn and well-deserved reputation for honor, integrity, and service. Please take the time to read our Code of Ethics and dedicate yourself to the ideals it exemplifies. TechAutoCareers? CodeCode of Ethics will showcase our integrity, competency, and service that are the defining charateristics of the automotive sales consultants who voluntarily and enthusiatically embrace the Code.

At TAC we believe that anyone can master the art of selling or persuasion by learning to follow the same basic principles that experts use. What makes our book How To Succeed In The Automotive Industry: The Handbook for Automotive Sales Consultants unique is that TAC has organized all of these principles into a single volume-which includes all of the secrets and tricks of the trade that many of the experts would rather you not learn. That is why "How To Succeed In The Automotive Sales Industry: The Handbook For Automotive Sales Consultants" will be a key reference in every automotive sales consultants library.

With the addition of the TAC's AutoSalesBlog website, you will find updates such as, the latest Automotive Industry News, Financial Services, Health Care, Automotive Manufacturers and Concepts-n-More. Over the next few months, we plan to launch more new features and services, in order to lengthen our lead over the competition.

Definitely, it's a lofty ambition. But, we believe it's achievable because of our loyal readers, your tremendous word of mouth / web testimonials speaking of us delighting customers and our goal of always doing the right thing for the automotive sales consultants. If we continue on this path, we'll all enjoy the rewards of our journey!

I.C. Collins
President and Author

About TechAutoCareers - The online resource for Automotive Sales Consultants
One company, one focus, one market. That's TechAutoCareers the online resource for automotive sales consultants. TechAutoCareers is the first and only company with the firm commitment to satisfying one important market, the automotive industry. As a Business Unit of TACpubUSA?, a 10-year-old company, TechAutoCareers was formed to focus on the needs of the automotive community - Dealers's and sales consultants alike. For example, the company supplies a news letter monthly to well over 35,000 dealers not including sales consultants, automotive media and schools with helpful content. With a primary goal of being an open exchange of ideas and to provide proven techniques to insure productivity. Serving clients and employees throughout North America and Globally. TechAutoCareers leads the industry in providing unmatched satisfaction. Because we are an integral part of the automotive industry, our "insider" experience allows us to be the online resource for automotive sales consultants so you get the information essential to automotive sales consultants in todays market.

The company is headquartered in Midland,Texas.

"How To Succeed In The Automotive Sales Industry: The Handbook For Automotive Sales Consultants" can be ordered online or factory direct.

2900 W. Illinois Ave. Ste.# 4,
Midland, TX 79701.
1-432- 699-6890

For more information contact:
Marketing Director
Gayle Johnson: e-mail protected from spam bots

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