Take Your Couch Commando Tendencies on the Road!

  • Small and handy, easily fits on your keychain
  • Easy to program, no device codes necessary
  • Doubles as LED flashlight
  • Controls device power, channel and volume

    Do you hate being forced to watch a bad TV show at the gym, bar or doctor's office because there's no way to change the channel? Then you'll love this pocket-sized personal Universal Keychain Remote that easily fits onto your keyring and gives you the power to control the channel and volume of most TVs, cable boxes and satellite receivers. Each Universal Keychain Remote includes an easily-replacable 3V lithium battery.

    Programming is easy when you place the Universal Keychain Remote in the auto-search programming mode. This allows the remote to send a stream of infrared (IR) commands to the device (TV, cable or satellite) you're watching. Once the device turns off, the Universal Keychain Remote has successfully located the correct device code.

    Doubles as a Mini Flashlight
    Other clever features of this Universal Keychain Remote include an LED emitter that not only transmits IR commands, but can be used as a mini-flashlight perfect for those dark parking lots when you're fumbling with your keys. The plastic case is formulated with a special anti-bacterial agent (a part of the plastic, not a coating that wears off) a must if you're using it at the gym, doctor's office, etc.

    Sold in Packs of Two
    These remotes are sold two-to-a-package for one low price. This makes them great for sharing with a friend, or for keeping a spare just in case you misplace your primary remote.


    PoGo! Product No.:

    Plastic case formulated with special anti-bacterial agent

    Operating Range:
    Up to 26 feet

    Remote Technology:

    Supported Devices:
    TV, Satellite TV system

    Power Supply:
    3V lithium battery (included)

    1/2" x 1 1/2" x 2 2/5"

    0.03 lbs

  • Universal Keychain Remote (2)

  • 3V lithium battery (2)