Table Lamp Hidden Camera
A camera with it's own light! This working Table Lamp has a tiny camera expertly mounted inside.

Would a lamp fit in the room you need to monitor? Lamp cameras are very popular because they work well in any room, plus you can move them to get the angle you want to see. Put it on the table and adjust the camera angle easily by turing the lamp in any direction.

This camera comes in your choice of Black&White or Color. Simply plug it in and connect it to any VCR. You can set your VCR's timer to start recording or start recording manually. Either way, you get a camcorder quality picture. This camera can be connected to any VCR. You can record for up to 6 hours on a T120 tape, and for up to 8 hours on a T160 tape. Standard camera includes 25' of video cable and power supply. Longer cables and rechargeable batteries are available. Wireless models also available. (Lampshade not included)

CCD chip technology to produce an amazing 420 lines (B/W) of resolution (380 lines Color) for crystal clear images sharper than most camcorders

Record easily to any VCR, or check out our digital video systems and PC computer cards to record digitally

Comes with 25' video cable. Longer cables available, or check out the wireless model under "similar products"

Powered by a single power cord

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