SynergyMobile IFSEC Award finalist

Synectics, the UK's leading manufacturer of CCTV systems control and digital network recording equipment, has become an IFSEC 2004 / Security Industry Award 'Finalist', with SynergyMobile.

SynergyMobileEmbodying many years' of experience in major CCTV systems, and extending the operational effectiveness of CCTV control rooms, in the event of an incident taking place, Synectics' SynergyMobile allows operators to select and transmit images to a single, or multiple e-mail addresses. For example, to Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) handsets. This allows police on the ground to view and track incidents as they unfold, or examine recorded video clips to clearly identify suspects and their precise locations - delivering unprecedented levels of effective visual communications.

The key benefit to CCTV control rooms is in SynergyMobile's role within incident management workflow; allowing timely, accurate, relevant and user-friendly information to be sent to parties who would benefit from being able to 'see' a picture of an incident. It provides a highly effective and secure 'add-on' feature for town and city centre surveillance systems, leveraging the initial CCTV investment to maximise its operational impact, whilst acting as a substantial deterrent.

The SynergyMobile interface delivers a major technological weapon to help combat urban crime. Its ability to deliver high-resolution colour images to officers in the field is a massive leap forward, relaying CCTV surveillance pictures right to where it can be vitally effective - in the hands of operational police, or other emergency services personnel, city centre wardens, or schemes such as PubWatch / RetailWatch.

Designed specifically for major applications, the unique mobile surveillance communications system was trialed at Sheffield Wide Imaging and Switching System. Here control room operators proved the operational value of the system, using the SynergyMobile interface to select live and/or recorded camera footage from any of 150 cameras, and transmit it for 'wireless' secondary monitoring directly to police officers on the ground. Community Safety Officers using the system found it invaluable, as being able to 'see' an incident supported their powers of arrest.

The SynergyMobile mobile surveillance communications system is available to all CCTV control room operators, to provide a highly effective and secure 'add-on' feature. Its deployment is designed to leverage CCTV systems' investment whilst maximising a system's operational impact.

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