Synapse SE Launches a Remote Application Packaging Solution Set Enabling Companies to Automate the Deployment of Desktop Applications in Distributed Environments

Synapse SE today announced a new Remote Application Packaging line of business designed to help companies streamline the development and automated deployment of desktop applications in distributed or disparate user environments. According to a Gartner report on application packaging(1), "One of the most commonly underestimated tasks in any effort to deploy or update an applicationˇ­is application packaging."

January 27, 2005 -- Through the use of Synapse SE's Remote Application Packaging approach and tools, the company helps accelerate MSI development efforts while allowing clients to pursue a return on their investment on the deployment of the completed installation packages. The line of business is positioned as an "outsourced but not offshore" solution that includes three core service areas, Onsite Packaging Readiness Consulting, Offsite Remote Application Packaging, and Deployment Platform Recommendation.

Onsite Packaging Readiness Consulting
At the beginning of each application packaging project, Synapse SE will deploy a project specialist onsite to work directly with each client Business Unit Manager and/or Application Owner to define the complexity of each application to be packaged, assign each application a cost-effective pricing tier, determine non-default application configuration options, help formulate user test cases to test for adequate functionality, and collect and coordinate application source media and documentation.

Remote Application Packaging
The Remote Application Packaging service enables the packaging of all client business applications to a common standard ensuring that the full functionality of the Windows Installer Service is available from the Windows Installer Package. Applications packaged by Synapse SE can be "pushed" into distributed/disparate desktop environments using tools including Altiris, Novell ZenWorks, SMS Server, and others with little or no user interaction. Synapse SE in-house packaging engineers work in a remote packaging environment, called Sylab, by leveraging a custom-built, web-based portal that manages the packaging workflow from initial conception, to quality assurance, to final customer delivery.

Deployment Platform Recommendation
Synapse SE has the internal and partner resources necessary to work with clients to select and deploy package distribution and application management platforms. While the core solution for the company remains application packaging, at the heart of each packaging project, there is an application management platform. Synapse SE's team and partner network can work alongside clients to implement a "best fit" solution in the desktop environment.

According to the Manager of Application Packaging for Synapse SE, "Managing desktop applications in a distributed environment is a daunting task for many mid to large-scale companies. Not only that, but application packaging is often viewed as a tedious task and many companies lack the in-house expertise to adequately manage the development of large volumes of MSI packages. Synapse SE offers our clients a venue by which to offload the management of, and tasks associated with, application packaging in a secure, remote packaging environment run by expert resources with years of experience in the field of application packaging."

(1) 2003 Application Packaging Do's and Don'ts, R. Collville, J. Duggan, M. Silver, April 3rd 2003

About Synapse SE
Synapse SE,, is a provider of technology staffing/consulting, online training solutions, and remote application packaging services for mid to large-scale corporations. The company delivers targeted staffing, learning services, and automated software deployment solutions that help businesses reduce the costs and risks associated with maintaining a technology-centric organization and that help improve communication and processes across the business.

Solutions provided by Synapse SE encompass a full suite of learning management and deployment tools for corporate learning environments, targeted technology staffing and consulting services, and outsourced MSI development solutions for corporate IT departments and high-technology companies.

The company currently has representatives located in various regions throughout the United States and is consistently expanding into other strategic locations across the country.

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