Surveillance Camera meets MIL-STD-810E standards.
TH-10, A New Long-Range, Infrared Surveillance Camera System

Goleta, CA - November 19, 2002 - Indigo Systems Corporation introduces the TH-10, a new long-range, infrared surveillance camera system. Optimized for demanding environmental conditions, this ruggedized camera system maximizes detection and recognition ranges. The mechanical, electrical and software interface easily integrates with established tracking or surveillance systems. Field-tested, the TH-10 is extremely durable and meets MIL-STD-810E Environmental Protection Standards. Designed for use where continuous, reliable infrared imaging is required, this unit features O ring seals and a dry nitrogen purged environment.

The standard TH-10 system includes 3 – 5µm MWIR, InSb detectors, with complete EMI/RFI shielding. Indigo’s Merlin mid-format (320 x 256 pixels) and/or Indigo’s Phoenix large-format (640 X 512 pixels) camera may be specified. Several lens configurations are available. Serial remote control of all cameras and lens functions is standard. The system also includes a motorized lens focus, field of view (FOV) switching mechanism, and a solid-state internal active temperature control. Paint options include high-gloss white, olive drab, sand, grey and camouflage. Software is a Windows®-based graphical user interface.

About Indigo Systems:

Indigo Systems is a leading developer and manufacturer of infrared cameras for commercial, industrial, scientific, R&D, military, and OEM applications. Indigo provides complete camera, software and enclosure solutions. Our miniature, mid-format, and large-format cameras cover the entire infrared spectrum including near-, midwave-, and longwave- IR. Detector materials consist of InGaAs, InSb, QWIPs, and microbolometers. Core capabilities include the development of full-custom, mixed-signal readout integrated circuits (ROICs). Indigo also has a variety of data acquisition software programs and optics to complete our camera systems.

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