Surveillance Camera Disguised as an Alarm Clock $179.99

Surveillance Camera

Fully functioning surveillance camera that looks and acts like an alarm clock.

You will not find a better surveillance camera deal anywhere. Our new and extremely affordable alarm clock hidden camera is a fraction of the cost of other systems we offer with the same great features.

The possibilities are endless with this surveillance camera. Supervise your children discretely while they play in the next room. Watch your elderly parent or relative. Use it at work to reduce theft.

Hundreds of these have been sold already to people just like yourself. From hospitals, warehouses, day cares, restaurants, and retail stores alike. Trust the most affordably surveillance camera disguised as an alarm clock.

How it works:

Place the alarm clock in the area you want to watch. Next, attach the included video receiver to your existing VCR or TV with RCA type inputs and select the appropriate input channel.

It's that easy. The quick, 3 step setup will ensure that you have your surveillance camera up and operational in no time.

This is a fully functional alarm clock. All the features work. The camera produces color images with an advanced CMOS image sensor. Range is rated at 300 feet line of site or approximately 100 feet inside a home.

Detailed Specifications:

Image Sensor: 1/3" CMOS
Resolution: 330 TV Lines (H)
Lens: 6mm
Dimensions: 2.1" x 1.6" x 6.2"
12 Month Warranty

Tech Note:

Your normal VCR will record up to 9 hours with the appropriate tape and set to the slowest record speed. We also offer time-lapse recorders that will allow you to record your surveillance camera for up to 1280 Hours on 1 Tape! We also have digital video recorders that will allow you to record your surveillance camera to an internal hard drive that you can access remotely (Broadband Internet Connection Required).

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