Super Easy 8-Way Charger
Super Easy 8-Way Charger

Suplied with 4 x AA and 4 x AAA high capacity NiMH rechargeable batteries
Rechar ges 2, 4, 6 or 8 high capacity AA or AAA size, NiMH or NiCd batteries at a time
Powered by the supplied 230V AC mains adaptor when used in the home/office
Power ed by the supplied 12V DC car adaptor when used in a vehicle
Overcharging preven ted by timer protection
Automatic charging current selection for size AA and AAA batteries
LED display for rapid charge/trickle charge

This 8-way charger is an ideal choice for anyone who requires a quick charge tim e for charging bulk quantities of AAA or AA batteries. For maximum flexibility t he charger is supplied with two power options (mains and in-car) and is supplied with four AA 2000mAh and four AAA 900mAh NiMH batteries. A great choice for kee ping radio controlled cars on the road or for high drain appliances such as digi tal cameras.

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