Summer Infant Car Back Seat Video Baby Monitor camera specification
Car Back Seat Video Baby Monitor 99.95 (inc VAT and FREE delivery)

A fantastic new innovative video monitor that will allow you to keep an eye on your baby at all times in the back seat while you are driving!

The Back Seat Video Monitor lets you see your baby or child on the colour video screen without turning around, allowing you to drive safely and concentrate on the road.


Camera has Infra Red LEDS to allow for day & night time monitoring
Fully adjustable camera head and bracket so that you can achieve best viewing angle of your baby
2.5" Colour Video Screen allows you to see your baby`s move in the backseat without turning around
Camera mounts easily to head rests for best view of baby
Plug socket for use in car cigarette lighter so no need for an extra power supply
Kit comes complete with 7.5 metres of cable to hardwire the camera to monitor to guarantee no interference of picture
Simple and convenient to use and easy to install


The 2.5 inch LCD colour screen monitor provides crystal clear images so you can see at a quick glance that your baby is comfortable and safe in their rear facing child seat. No more need to worry while you are driving. The Screen has a brightness control for those extra sunny days as well as a flip switch to rotate the image on the screen if required. The monitor can either be fixed directly to the cigarette lighter 12V DC adaptor sliding tab or the dash board with the hook and loop pads provided.


The camera produces high quality colour images during the day and then automatically switches to black and white night at night. The 6 Infra Red LEDS provide fantastic night vision so you can be rest assured that you will always be able to see your baby in the backseat of the car at any time of the day or night. The camera connects very easily to the headrest on the backseat with the snap clips on the camera shaft. The camera head is fully flexible so you can adjust it to get the best view of your baby.


Installing this system couldn't be easier! All the cables, connectors and safety straps are included in the kit. Simply connect the camera shaft onto the support posts of the headrests with the snap clips. The video cable from the camera must be carefully wired so that it is hidden and out of reach of children (ie.under carpeting, behind moulding etc.) and runs to the monitor in the front of the car. The monitor can be mounted on the dashboard and should be angled ideally where it will receive the least amount of glare. The whole system is powered using a 12 volt DC cigarette light adaptor.

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The flexible design of this Video monitor means that it can be adapted to suit many different uses. View your children in the third row seat of your MPV or even monitor item such as caravan or boat being towed. The Reverse flip image on the screen means that it will also be a great system for reversing with a caravan or trailer hitched to the car or for regular parking in tight spaces or garages.

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