Storage Systems Supplied by SLIDE-LOK Garage Storage Cabinets Dealer Network
Storage Systems by SLIDE-LOK Garage Storage Cabinets Dealer Network lead the way in providing dealers and homeowners with easy to install, high quality storage system solutions at a reasonable cost. Become a Professional Garage Storage System Dealer as SLIDE-LOK Continues Seeking Applications from the New York State, across the United States and in Canada

SLIDE-LOK Dealers include Storage, and Organizing Solution Providers that Focus on Cabinetry, Carpentry, Closets, Flooring, Furniture, Home Security for the Home, the Office, and the Garage. Garage and Storage Professionals in these fields are encouraged to apply to join the fastest growing dealer network in the US - SLIDE-LOK - The Original Name In Garage Storage Cabinets that is "Music to the Ears" of Storage Professionals.

Imagine the magical clicking sound of SLIDE-LOK Garage Storage Cabinets as they slide into place. They are so easy to assemble, just slide the pieces together and you can hear them click as they lock into place. The "locking sound" is the genius of J. Edward Hamlin (Eddie.)

In 1977, Eddie started Bass Cabinets. His dream was to develop a garage storage system that would answer the ultimate call for garage storage solutions for everyone. Today that dream is a reality. He designed, developed and patented the strongest joint in the world, the Dovetail Joint, and today you can find SLIDE-LOK Garage Storage Cabinets everywhere because SLIDE-LOK has grown into the fastest growing garage storage dealer network in the United States and Canada with more than 120 SLIDE-LOK Dealers worldwide.

You can customize your own Garage Storage System no matter where you live.

"The SLIDE-LOK Dealer Network stretches from Arizona and all the way across the United States, and into Canada," says Slide-LOK President Gary Smith.

Gary invites you to visit the Slide-LOK website, and click on any state in the United States or Canada for the dealer nearest to your home or office. ?We have locations near to you, whether if you live in California, the Northwest, around the Great Lakes, New York, Florida, and even in the state of Texas, as well as other dealers in more remote areas like the Canadian Wilderness,? Gary added.

J. Edward, known as Eddie, believes in keeping the family close to home, and six of the Hamlin clan now works with a team of more than 100 employees at Bass Cabinets - the home of SLIDE-LOK.

How did this come about? Homeowners continue to ask Eddie, "How do I park my car in my garage with all the stuff we seem to have collected over the years?"

SLIDE-LOK has a unique Garage Storage System that solves your garage storage needs. Garage storage problems are not unique to Arizona according to the Wall Street Journal; garage organization is a problem across the country, so more and more homeowners are remodeling their garage and even their offices using the SLIDE-LOK Garage Storage System. "Consumers are driving the growth, and they are sick and tired of tripping over their tools while looking for their lost lawn mower, yes lawn mowers, when they know it is in the garage - somewhere," Eddie quipped.

Gary Smith added, "I could not even park my own car in my own garage. I was frustrated having to park in the driveway -- that practice invites someone to break-in. That is when you know you need a unique garage storage system."

SLIDE-LOK storage systems are unique because they are modular and consist of 8 basic cabinets that can be mixed, matched, and stacked like musical notes. This means that even when your storage space looks like a jigsaw puzzle, you can develop a SLIDE-LOK system that combines all the pieces of your puzzle into the perfect storage solution.

These cabinets are durable with a long lasting finish, plywood sides, face frames, and concealed European hinges that are perfect storage fit for the home or office.

SLIDE-LOK has a terrific team and, when asked about the SLIDE-LOK "management style," one team member responded, "Eddie and Gary allow you the freedom to move to your own music - literally! Just turn on the radio in your own work area, but really, the most important part of representing SLIDE-LOK is the pride we take in making the cabinets."

With more than 100 team members, Eddie and the family know each and every one, including each individual dealer, by their first and last name. Eddie tends to be a wanderer - and not just around the office - he as has a tendency to wander off on Friday afternoons as he quietly "slips out" to bring home another company mascot. There is a Bass before Cabinets in their company name for a good reason!

Another good reason to select SLIDE-LOK cabinets for your storage needs is because they look like custom cabinets, so they are perfect for the office, the garage, panty, in the hobby or craft rooms and best of all, they carry a lifetime warranty.

No need to delay, organize your garage like magic today with SLIDE-LOK, using Jack's Design Center. The process is easy; just drag-and-drop the modular garage cabinets anywhere and everywhere within your garage or storage area's dimensions, even if you have a storage area that looks impossible -- because SLIDE-LOK garage storage cabinets were developed to fit any size or shape.

Try it today! Design, develop, save, and print several versions for your garage, home or office storage needs. The solutions are endless.

To get solutions to your storage needs, visit SLIDE-LOK. Be sure to check out their showroom, which is advertised on, call them today at 1-800-835-1759 or visit one of the SLIDE-LOK dealers for all your garage, home, and office storage solutions. It will be music to your ears when you hear the magical SLIDE-LOK lock.

Stop and shop at one of the 135 SLIDE-LOK dealers across the United States or in Canada or call 1-800-835-1759 to locate the dealer nearest your home or office.

SLIDE-LOK is seeking qualified Dealer applications for openings in New York State, across the United States, and in Canada.

Since 1977 Bass Cabinets, manufacturer of SLIDE-LOK has been providing high quality, durable cabinets to the multi-family housing industry. Their cabinets have been installed in all types of living environments throughout the U.S. and several locations overseas. The unique dovetail design and structure of their cabinets is based on providing their customers with a trouble-free, long lasting product that has proven itself in the toughest of conditions. SLIDE-LOK is a name that is committed to quality and customer service.

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