Step Up to the Next Generation of USB Network Speeds!
  • Ideal for home automation enthusiasts who are upgrading to USB devices
  • Actively powered hub ensures there's enough power for all your devices
  • Backwards-compatible with USB 1.1 computers and USB devices As more and more home automation products move away from the venerable RS-232 port and take advantage of higher-speed USB ports, there's no better time to convert to USB! For example, just last year Smarthome introduced the world's first USB-based home automation interface: the PowerLinc USB (#1132U). Additionally, nearly all PDAs, digital cameras, scanners, or just about anything that connects to a computer is using the USB interface.

    This 4-Port USB Hub allows you to connect up to 4 ultra-fast USB 2.0 devices. It transfers data at speeds of up to 480Mbps. A multicolored status LED on each port monitors all the connected equipment for complete connections. A diagnostic system will alert you to a hardware or software problem.

    "Active" or Powered Hub
    The Belkin Hi-Speed USB 2.0 4-Port Hub not only maximizes high-speed peripherals, but includes an AC power adapter for your high-current devices as well. Some USB devices will draw near the USB spec of 500mA to power themselves. If you have multiple devices plugged into a non-powered hub, sometimes called a "passive hub", you may have devices reset or lock up upon operation. This hub includes a heavy-duty 6VAC adapter that can provide up to 2500mA of current!

    Backwards Compatibility with Existing USB Devices
    You can keep your existing, slower USB 1.x equipment until you're ready to upgrade. The hub is backwards-compatible, offering perfect set-up and operation to any USB peripheral. It even works when plugged into computers with USB 1.1 ports; however, it will only transmit 1.1 speeds to the HUB. While the hub won't magically speed up the transfer, it easily works with older and new USB devices simultaneously! If you upgrade the computer to one with 2.0 support, the hub just needs to plug in to switch over to the faster speed

    Simple Installation
    Installation is a simple plug-in to your computer's USB port. Because the hub is simply splitting your computer's USB line, it is not "seen" as an active device and doesn't use any drivers. In fact, there are no user settings to adjust, which prevents the possibility of messing them up and crashing the computer.

    The hub includes a certified USB 2 Hi-Speed cable from Belkin for the best connection between the hub and the computer. Compatible with Windows? 98, XP, or Me, 2000. Measures 5 ?" (L) x 3 ?" (W) x 1" (H) and comes with a manufacturer lifetime warranty.