Stay Connected to Your Home: Introducing the Motorola Home Monitoring and Control System
Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) today announced the immediate availability of the Motorola Home Monitoring and Control System from, and beginning November 1st from select retail outlets nationwide.

Keep Informed While You Are Away

The Motorola Home Monitoring and Control solution is a coordinated system of wired and wireless cameras, wireless door/window sensors and environmental devices that work together to provide real-time information about what's happening in your home.

The included Home Monitoring and Control software provides an easy way to configure and control the System. Right from the desktop, the software lets you monitor real-time activity from cameras and sensors placed around your home. You can program the software to automatically record activity from these sensors whenever a certain event occurs (such as a door opening), and/or have a notification sent to a mobile phone or email account.

Further, you can program one device to trigger another, extending your security options. For example, if a door or window sensor is triggered, that event can enable a wireless camera to record the event.

Customizable to Fit Your Home

Consumers can extend the functionality of the System by adding extra devices. For example, by connecting a wireless door sensor, working parents can set up an email notification to let them know when the kids open the front door after arriving home from school. Environmental sensors can be configured to alert a mobile device about a water leak or extreme temperature -- before the basement is flooded or the pipes freeze.

New devices can easily be connected to the system through "one-touch discovery" -- a feature that attaches the new device to the system simply by pressing a button. The System supports three wired cameras, and up to 14 additional wireless devices (see the product package for specific configuration details for each sensor type).

Experience the Freedom of Seamless Mobility

Packed with features to keep homeowners connected, the Motorola Home Monitoring and Control System offers:

-- PEACE OF MIND. Provides everything homeowners need to help them stay connected to their home, offering the peace of mind that comes with the ability to monitor the people and things important to them. The System even can augment existing home security systems with information from a variety of sensors and cameras.

-- REAL-TIME INFORMATION. Monitor continuously updated information directly from the home right from a computer or laptop. Configure notifications to be sent to a mobile device or an email account.

-- SAVE AND PLAYBACK. Store recorded images and video to view later on, or archive them for storage.

-- EASY CONFIGURATION. Have the plug-and-play system up and running in minutes. Easily add new devices with the touch of a button. Configure them through the included software for your home PC.

"The Motorola Home Monitoring and Control System can help keep you aware of what's happening at home -- even when you're not there. Now, you have the peace of mind that comes with the ability to monitor your family and home, by using this synchronized system of devices and sensors to get real-time information directly from your house," said John Burke, Motorola corporate vice president and general manager, consumer solutions. "Since the System works with your existing broadband and cellular service, consumers get a seamless connection between home and 'away' - staying connected wherever they go."

Easy To Get Started

The Motorola HMEZ1000 Home Monitoring and Control Easy Starter Kit includes everything a consumer needs to begin monitoring their house, including the PC-software, a USB controller, and one wireless camera.

Additional requirements are:

-- Intel(R) Pentium(R) 2 Processor or equivalent
-- Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Me/2000/XP Home/XP Professional or higher
-- CD-ROM drive
-- 128 MB of RAM
-- 45 MB of hard drive space recommended for install files
-- Up to 500 MB for archives
-- Available USB port
-- Broadband Internet connection required for remote notification

The Motorola HMEZ1000 Starter Kit has an MSRP of $279.99. Prices of additional accessories vary.

To see the Motorola Home Monitoring and Control system in action, visit Motorola at the Digital Life consumer products showcase (Jacob Javitz Center, New York City, October 14-17th, Booth 1808). For more information, visit .

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