Start the New Year Safely with a Home Security System
What sets ADT apart from the rest? When you're protected by ADT, you're protected by the largest, oldest, and one of the best security companies in the nation. Throughout its 125 year history, ADT has led the way in the innovation of security services, from the simple Call Boxes of the early 1900's to the interactive video surveillance of the year 2000.

And this expertise is recognized. A significant number of Fortune 500 companies rely on ADT for their security needs, as does the largest residential customer base in the electronic security industry. In fact, with over two million customers nationwide, ADT's market share is nearly three times greater than its nearest competitor!


ADT offers both the sophistication of a major, national corporation and the hometown customer friendliness of a local organization. With commercial and residential program coverage in over 220 major U.S. markets, and a network of Customer Monitoring Centers, you can rest assured that ADT is watching out for your interests day in, day out, 365 days a year. And our locally focused customer concern doesn't stop with a large number of offices nationwide - we take an active interest in your community.


Through a variety of programs, ADT, the leader in the electronic security industry, also takes a leadership role in the communities it serves. By helping to make the communities our customers live in more secure, we enhance our job of protecting each individual family. One of the most critical aspects of this job of protecting your family is ADT's monitoring service.


ADT pioneered the concept of monitoring, creating a system as early as 1890. During the subsequent decades, technical advancements leapfrogged ahead and contributed to ADT becoming synonymous with emergency monitoring systems. Since then, we've stayed at the leading technological edge. This technological superiority is reflected not just in our monitoring centers, but in every product and service we offer.

PRODUCTS AND SERVICES, ADT's EXCLUSIVE GUARANTEES ADT offers a full range of innovative and convenient products and services that guarantee your security. And speaking of guarantees - ADT backs up its products and services with guarantees that assure you the highest level of security available.

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