Spyder2 sets a new standard for monitor calibration
Easy-to-use calibration wiza rd software
Effortless LCD, CRT and notebook calibration

Today, all advanced amateurs and designers understand that monitor calibration i s a fundamental step in their Digital workflow. Where ever color is critical, so too is a calibrated monitor. The ColorVision Spyder2?, the next generation of the award-winning Spyder? product line, was specifically designed to me et the needs of this new digital creative. ^ColorVision Spyder2 sets a new stand ard for monitor calibration. Combining the all new Spyder2 colorimeter and Spyde r2 monitor calibration software, this innovative and advanced product delivers u nrivaled calibration results for advanced amateurs and designers. The sleek, dua l-phase Spyder2 hardware features precise calibration and highly accurate ICC pr ofiles for CRT, LCD and laptop displays. The new software and graphical user int erface provides ease-of-use. FREE bonus software is also provided in the package including PANTONE colorist to specify colors on your images, screens and printe rs. The Spyder2 allows you to easily calibrate all of your monitors at a truly a ffordable price. ^Spyder2PRO software walks you through the entire calibration p rocess with its intuitive interface. Comprehensive help screens guide you throug h each step to achieve your desired color setting. Improved Gray Balance and Ton al Response provides demanding users with exceptionally smooth gradient steps an d neutral grays. Unique Before and After Viewing Feature allows you to compare y our display with and without calibration^Requires: ^CRT, LCD or notebeek display (s),^Windows 2000 or XP,^Max OS X10.2 or better,^USB Port

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