Specialized Communications Tools

Products that fall under the Security Intercom category provide highly reliable and redundant means of controlling, communicating, paging and archiving events and vital information. Not only do they offer convenience in identifying visitors but also allow an additional measure of safety and security in various environments.

Security Intercoms are specialized communications tools used to enhance security and life safety. Although any intercom provides an element of enhanced security wherever it is installed, the units on the market offer the enhanced communication reliability that is essential to security. These intercom products offer features that make them of particular value to security system designers and allow them to provide their customers with the most effective and comprehensive security management solution possible.

Intercom systems play a vital role in, and enhance the overall security of, any facility whether it is a single home, multiple occupancy, business, campus or multiple site/building enterprise. The systems available today allow the user to communicate with visitors, staff and security personnel. They provide varying degrees of integration between surveillance systems, access control systems, and other security/control and life safety subsystems.

The manufacturers and products presented in this month's focus are leading the way in security communications by adapting all the cutting edge technologies you see revolutionizing other segments of the security and IT industries. These products serve a diverse range of applications, from single residence to enterprise applications. Their scalable design and interfacing flexibility enable virtually unlimited expansion, communications options and exciting integration possibilities.

The security dealer/system integrator can choose an entry point, so to speak, in the security intercom market. It is not, after all, a separate entity. Rather it is an integral ingredient in security, just as is the cabling used to connect these devices.

By examining the sampling of products, you should get a better understanding of what is possible. Let them inspire you to be creative on your next challenging project.

Telephone Entry System
DoorKing's Model 1802 Telephone Entry System is available in both a surface mount design and now the new flush mount design. The flush mount unit provides an attractive alternative to the surface mount unit and has increased vandal resistance attributes.

The 1802 can be ordered with memory options of 125, 500 or 1000 and, with all the advanced features that come standard with this unit, it offers an outstanding value for its remarkably low cost.

The 1802 is an ideal telephone entry system that is loaded with features and suited for applications that have limited space. It can be used in residential as well as commercial applications that do not require a directory, or in applications where a separate directory exist. Visitors are easily identified by voice communication and can be granted or denied access directly from a touch-tone telephone.

    Advanced features of the 1802 include:
  • Programmable directory codes (1-4 digits).
  • 10 and 11-digit dialing capability.
  • Two special inputs can be programmed for relay activation or to dial out a preprogrammed phone number.
  • 5-digit entry codes for special needs.
  • Lighted keypad.
  • Built-in time clock.
  • Hold open time zones.
  • Entry code time zones.
  • "Flash" entry codes.
  • Built-in postal lock provision.

The system stores up to 125, 500 or 1000 telephone numbers (specify the requirement when ordering) and offers full-duplex communication. An array of options are available. For example, the DK1812-039 Video Adapter is a passive video device with a female BNC connector that allows base band video to be transmitted over regular telephone wire (UTP) for distances up to 3000 feet for black and white video and up to 1400 feet for color. (One device required at the camera end and one at the monitor end). Both the DK1812-130 CCTV color camera and the DK1812-040 CCTV b/w camera can be mounted in the phone system and each includes a camera power supply.
For more information, visit www.doorking.com.

Video Door Phone
The Cyrex M228 Audio-Video Intercom is a state-of-the-art, easy-to-install video door phone system. It is integrated with many innovative and robust features. Not only is the M228 a complete video door phone system, it also serves as an intercom, which allows you to broadcast all-calls and communicate between monitors.

The design objectives were based on three Es: Easy to install, Easy to expand, and Easy to operate. The smart design and simple push button operation provides safety, convenience and peace of mind in a wide variety of residential, commercial or industrial applications.

    The M228 features:
  • 2 wire installation.
  • Built-in 17 picture memory function with Day and Time stamp.
  • Maximum system capacity of up to eight monitors, two door bells and two dome cameras or one door bell and three dome cameras.
  • Doorbell constructed of weather resistant metal.
  • AC Power supply included.
  • Sony 4" flat CRT B/W monitor.
  • Intercom and Broadcast between monitors.
  • Built-in LED for night visual supplement.
  • Audio Door chime.
  • Remote door release function (door lock not included)
  • Doorbell camera angle horizontally adjustable
  • One touch audio and video monitoring to any cameras or doorbell
  • Volume/Contrast/Tint control For additional information, visit www.cyrex.com.

Intercommunication System
The AIPHONE AI-900 Integrated Intercommunication System is a voice communication system that allows calls to be made quickly and easily with a touch of a button. Designed for corporate security offices looking to enhance their existing access control system, the AI-900 can be programmed and monitored from an off-site PC via a RS-232 interface and can support one single-line telephone with caller ID.

Users can forward a call to system operators who carry cell phones or pagers, so a call will never go unanswered. The system also includes time-based forwarding, real time audio monitoring, data and voice recording and paging and it integrates with existing security and video surveillance equipment.

The AI-900 can support up to 4 master stations and 64 sub-stations from one exchange. With up to 16 exchanges the AI-900 can support 64 master stations and 1,024 sub-stations. The master stations can be a single line telephone with caller ID or the Aiphone AI- MS900 Master Station.

The AIPHONE AI-900 offers four sub stations to choose from: AI-RS150 Standard Indoor Sub station; AI-RS160 Indoor Vandal Resistant Sub station; AI-RS170 Outdoor Vandal Resistant Sub station; and AI-RS180 Outdoor Emergency Sub station.

Each sub station faceplate is made of brushed stainless steel and has a vandal-resistant call button (except the AI-RS150), with optional LED/relay control.
For more information visit www.aiphone.com.

Scalable Voice Communication System
The TOA VS-900 Security Intercom System and VS-900SC Site Connector Interface provide reliable and intelligible voice communication for applications with multiple "sub" stations calling in to one or more "master" stations. The VS-900 has a wide range of standard and software programmable features, including comprehensive Call-Forwarding to allow system operators freedom of movement to ensure that no calls go unanswered.

The VS-900 integrates easily with access control and video surveillance equipment via a simple RS-232 communications protocol. Other features include telephone system integration, paging and external source distribution, event logging, and recording outputs. The VS-900 scalable architecture allows the most cost effective configuration for each application with easy expansion as the size of the facility grows. For additional information, visit www.toaelectronics.com.

Residential/Commercial Intercom System
The DVI450 Video Door Intercom System from Digimerge is suitable for both residential and commercial applications. The unit also offers the security of a "visual answering machine" by allowing the operator to view still images, with date stamp of callers to the premises. The DVI450 System package includes a 4" flat screen, 420 lines resolution, CRT Monitor Station, with back up battery power, audio control with two way full duplex operation, door open function, on-screen programming, and inputs for up to eight stations or cameras (expansion Monitor, Door Camera Station and variety of compatible cameras also available). The weatherproof metal Video Door Station offers a high resolution image sensor with adjustable viewing, Infrared LED illumination for viewing in low light conditions, and intercom functions. For more information, visit www.digimerge.com.

Audio-Visual Emergency Call System
The Alpha Communications/Tektone HC345C Series Tek-Check-In is a fully microprocessor-based audio-visual emergency call system. It protects the occupants of facilities such as senior citizen buildings, while supplying management with a fully automatic mandated check-in procedure for each resident.

The HC345C addresses the needs of both residents and staff by combining ease of operation, accurate two-way voice communication, and an English language format prominently displayed on a high-resolution, compact CRT. The system also includes masters with keys that are colored and grouped accordingly for ease of operation, and the handset is an integral part of the master station.

The heart of the system is the Central Processing Equipment (CPE). Standard features include dual system networking between two CPE's, the capacity for 256 addressable stations, and a serial port for adding a printer or management system (NC386). Electronic supervision is provided through the polling of the system four times a second to verify proper system function and total system operation.

The CRT master station combination provides all programming capability necessary to assign room numbering, set room status, and carry on a two-way voice communication with the residents, while prominently displaying English language system information on a high-resolution CRT.

The master also incorporates function keys which allow the operator to dispatch administrators/staff to the location necessary. As an additional cost benefit, the HC345C has the ability to monitor ancillary devices such as smoke detectors, door contacts, and emergency pull cords.

    The HC345C features:
  • Flexible programming alternatives.
  • Microprocessor Design using 80486 Central Processor.
  • Standard back box mounting.
  • Night Transfer Service Capability.

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