Sony VAD-WA Lens Adaptor - Security Camera User Rating
Manufacturer: Sony
Model: VADWA
: Number of User Reviews: 8

Reviewed by: stanglx from MI on Nov 26, 2004

Experience: 22 Days

Strengths: The adapter color matches the camera nicely. Construction is solid.

Weaknesses: $25 dollars seems a bit expensive for a small piece of metal, but is necessary for additional lenses.

Summary: I am using the VAD-WA adapter with the Sony DSC-W1 camera and the VCL-DH2630 2.6x Super Telephoto Conversion Lens, and they all fit snugly together. If you will be using the flash, you will want to remove the adapter because the flash on the DSC-W1 is right above the lens and will be blocked by the adapter and lens. I'm using the lens for mostly outdoor shots anyway so that won't be an issue for me.

Reviewed by: SirBill55 from NY on Jul 21, 2004

Experience: 21 Days

Strengths: Solid metallic Feel. This is the bridge to any lens attachment that you will think of buying for this digital camera.

Weaknesses: Block the flash that comes with camera. Sleezy pouch that came with the adaptor.

Summary: I purchased this attachment because it is needed to fit any attachment lens to my Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W1. But I later learned that this fits all the other Cyber Shot digital cameras (as long as they have the 35mm attachment threads.) I was surprised that it was made of an aluminum alloy which feels very solid in my hand, and attached to the camera. One of the reasons that I chose the DSC-W1 over the Cannon S500 was because of the available attachments. And this adaptor is a must have.
One major drawback, which stems from this adaptor to the attachment lenses, is that it blocks the built in flash. So if you are using the adaptor and its attachment lenses, and need to use the flash, you will notice an upside down, cone shaped shadow, cast by this attachment. For this reason alone I was forced to buy an external flash.

Reviewed by: miuakl on Aug 12, 2004

Experience: 10 Days

Strengths: It works.

Weaknesses: NA

Summary: There are versions of this sold on ebay (not by Sony). It essentially converts to a 52mm ring to accept 52mm filters. I chose to get this original 30mm converter instead because I figure it would be compatible with more lenses offered for this camera.

Reviewed by: rakeshsingh21 from KS on May 2, 2005

Experience: 3 Days

Strengths: Alluminium body is very strong, Look & feel, seems durable

Weaknesses: Price, On the path of Flash

Summary: This product is nicely build by Sony. The price I paid ($20.00) is high for this product. But good thing is that now I can use add on lenses/filters on my W1 camera. Lot of point & shoot camera does not have option to put add on lenses.

One thing I did not like about this product is that If i want to use flash it obstract the flash light.


Reviewed by: IMBerg from FL on Feb 2, 2005

Experience: 2 Days

Strengths: Light weight and comes with a cloth case to protect it.

Weaknesses: None

Summary: What can I say about the Sony VAD-WA Lens Adaptor? It¡¯s an expensive item that is ¡®good for nothing¡¯ by itself ~ like the telephoto lens that requires the adaptor. A necessity! But, a necessity, I was happy I could buy, so, I can take pictures with a telephoto lens. Fun! I would recommend this product to anyone who can afford it.

Reviewed by: phsmith80 from CO on Dec 23, 2004

Experience: 5 Days

Strengths: Design and quality are excellent. Comes with a high quality bag that protects threads and finish. Internal coating of adapter is flat black that prevents outside light from interfering with image.

Weaknesses: None

Summary: I used this lens adapter on Sony DSC-W1 Cyber-shot camera and it worked well. Product has external threads that match camera body and internal threads to match filter or lens. The adapter does not compromise the field-of-view over the full range of optical zoom. Finish and fit were perfect and it looks good on the camera.

Reviewed by: drchilds from VA on Oct 23, 2004

Experience: 5 Days

Strengths: Simple and robust

Weaknesses: Adapter creates tunnel effect at some zoom settings. It would have been better if the camera (Cyber-shot DSC-W1) had been designed to accept auxiliary lens directly

Summary: The adapter ring screws onto the DSC-W1 camera body and allows Sony auxiliary 30mm lens to be attached. The design allows the camera zoom to function normally and the camera seems to work just as well, whether the adapter is attached or not. The problem is that, when the Sony 2.6X telephoto lens is fitted, the adapter obscures all of the image, except for a central disc (severe vignetting) - this can be removed by using the full optical zoom, but there is effectively no usable focal length (35mm equiv.) between 114mm (full zoom without telephoto) and 296mm with the telephoto lens. I would prefer that the camera accepted extra lenses directly, but that would make the camera much more bulky.

Reviewed by: hewens from CA on Oct 7, 2004

Experience: 90 Days

Strengths: ingenious, very suitable for Sony DSC-W1, firm

Weaknesses: seems just for Sony DSC-W1

Summary: (Edited October 08th by hewens) I had an idea that I want to own a VAD-WA adaptor when I had bought Sony DSC-W1 digital camera because it can expand the function of the camera in optical zoom and wide-angle when it links with proper lens.
When I received this adaptor, I found that it was very ingenious and suitable for W1 exactly. It also looks very firm.
The shortage is that it seems as if it was just designed for Sony DSC-W1.

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