Sony MZ-B100 MiniDisc Business Recorder - Security Camera User Rating
Manufacturer: Sony
Model: MZB100
Playback Time (Battery): 12 hour(s)
Power Source: Battery
General Features: LCD Display|Recorder|Remote Control
: Number of User Reviews: 3

Reviewed by: rayfieldvt from VT on Sep 20, 2004

Experience: 5 Months

Strengths: Amazing quality of sound, small durable, simple

Weaknesses: Takes a few seconds to end recording and update Table of Contents, or to search up or down by minutes. Top line of display hard to read in bad light

Summary: I have used this gem to record concerts for my community choir and burned CDs for all the singers. I am now using it to record rehearsals for singers who miss. I have not needed and external microphone yet, but for better stereo presence in a studio recording of music you would want it.
This baby sits right in a shirt pocket, and with something under it in te pocket (my glasses) the microphones are sitting right where you want them to record interviews, weddings (I'm a JP) concerts (I'm a crook), lectures (I'm a teacher and a student) etc.
I keep it on my car seat to record ideas, radio info, etc. Now set-up, just press the record button and it is recording a new track- news, item, # author name, whatever. Don;t need it? Just play that track and hit erase. Powers down automatically. I usually keep it in mono mode, since stereo with two mics three inches apart is not informative.
The engineer who decided this thing should run on a single AA battery was a genius that day. When battery gets low, just pull a spare from your pocket- no fussing with orienting four batteries. Total contast to my battery sucking digital camera. In fact the battery is so reliable, my biggest problem is sometimes I do not notice that I should have changed the battery before an important recording . Lecture etc.
Why Sony calls this a business recorder I do not know. Probably to avoid the perception of bootleg recording possibilities.
Biggest weird drawback, with same likely explanation, is that transfers to computer etc must be done through audio cable- no direct digital transfer of audio files. But like I said- wonderful CDs burned from the recordings.

Reviewed by: Mini_Mz from NY on Oct 27, 2004

Experience: 15 Months

Strengths: Battery length; choice of length of recording playback speed control and the ability to mark tracks either during recording or playback.

Weaknesses: For the price of the MD, the ac adapter should not have been optional

Summary: I am a student and often a single teleconference lecture last 120 minutes. Using the cassette recorders this means that I have not only to change cassettes and lose part of the lecture but, my concentration is fragmented when I have to constantly monitor the recorder to ensure that I know when it is time to change the cassette. Now I just set the MD on LP4 (long... playing) and I am good to go.

With the VOR and LP4 feature I can tape at least two sessions on one MD and the quality of recording is just as great. No squeaky sounds.

Another advantage over cassettes is that I can mark tracks so that I can find passages readily using easy search. I also name my lectures so that even if I forget to put on the label or decide to re-record I will know what the disc has on it.

The one battery is a plus as is the battery level indicator. Before a lecture I check the level and if the battery shows about a quarter life, I change it as a precaution. However, I reuse the removed battery for playbacks.

I must admit that it has not been been treated with velvet gloves and I have had some panic attacks when it fell on occasions but it has proven to be worth its money. It still works well and I have no complaints.

My only regret is that I did not buy one sooner instead of sending money for the cheaper ones that did not suit my needs.

Now I enjoy my lectures and watch my peers changing tapes.

Reviewed by: newsjeff from DC on Oct 9, 2002

Experience: 18 Months

Strengths: Excellent audio quality with a variety of recording length settings. Controls are easy to operate. Line and Mic inputs with low-high level switch for Mic input. Built-in mics. Uses 1 AA battery.

Weaknesses: Unit is slow to switch from play mode to cue or review mode.

Summary: I use this unit on a daily basis as a national radio reporter in Washington, DC. The unit functions flawlessly despite having been dropped (several times), kicked (once), crushed in an elevator door (once), and rained on (a few times).

The unit produces better than broadcast quality audio, even when using the built-in microphones. The variety of speed settings allow users to maximize recording time without sacrificing audio quality.

The Line and Mic inputs, including a low-high selector on the Mic input, allow great versatility to select the best audio source available when recording from a pool audio feed at a press conference or hearing.

My ONLY complaint about this unit is that it takes several seconds (4-8) to switch from the play mode to the cue or review mode when searching for audio bytes. It is however, considerably faster than its immediate predecessor, which took as long as 15 seconds to switch modes. It is immeasurably faster than cueing through a cassette tape trying to find a byte, and the audio quality is at least 100% better than a cassette.

If this unit ever stops working, for any reason, I will IMMEDIATELY purchase another one to replace it. I cannot imagine doing my job without this invaluable tool!

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