Sony Ericsson K700i (unlocked) - Security Camera User Rating
Manufacturer: Sony Ericsson
Average User Rating: Number of User Reviews: 5

Reviewed by: bogy33 from CT on Mar 30, 2005

Experience: 2 Weeks

Strengths: Stylish design, nice color screen, attractive menus, small size, Bluetooth, cool built-in themes, keys easy to use and see, reception has been better than my T68i, FM radio

Weaknesses: No games available for phone (YET?), NOW THEY COME OUT WITH THE K750i with memory stick compatability after I just purchased the K700i! Software that comes with phone is weak, no memory slot,

Summary: This is an honest review -
I had the T68i for a long time and just replaced it with the K700i. With that said, the K700i is a HUGE improvement. So, for the most part I am happy with the phone. What bothers me is my friend has a Samsung that he got for $50 and he can download games and cool graphics right from his phone. The K700i has that feature also but go ahead and see what is available - NOTHING!
Anyway, the features of the phone have been really good so far - camera, WAP, reception, buttons, set up, battery life. The phone is very cool looking and has a good feel in your hand. But, with the K750i out - the K700 can't compete. Why? The K750 has a 262,500 screen, memory card slot, 2 MP camera!, comes in two colors (Black & Silver), has a shutter door over camera lens, ect!
Wait to buy this phone as the K700i is a great buy the K750 will be a better phone that says a lot!

Reviewed by: aablao from MN on Feb 4, 2005

Experience: 1 Weeks

Strengths: Classy brushed aluminum finish, beautiful design, bright screen, compact size, flawless bluetooth functionality, a ton of features

Weaknesses: mediocre battery life, soft joystick feel, no LED indicator lights to show incoming message or missed calls.

Summary: This is one beautifully designed phone with an elegant finish. The size is compact and the phones o.s. offers a long list of features (MP3, Radio, Organizer, Camera, etc....)
I find the quality of the camera's images to be average.
There seems to be a small problem with the soft joystick feel, which causes erroneous inputs. The screen is very bright and the o.s. is well designed and intuitive, though it takes a lot of power resulting in a shorter battery life. To conserve power the screen blanks out on standy mode and will activate for a short time where there is an incoming message or call. It would have been helpful if a blinking LED light was added to the phone to be a visual indicator of an incoming message or missed call. Compared to other phones, the ring volume is somewhat softer at the highest volume.
In spite of this phones shortcomings, I believe this is a very good phone for people opting for a beautiful phone with camera functionality and compact size.

Reviewed by: lakiwi1 on Nov 18, 2004

Experience: 38 Days

Strengths: Excellent antenna, receive strong signals in areas that were weak for my SE T610. Easy menus and navigation aids. Great Camera for only 0.3megaPix. Excellent Video. Great filing system! Great sound!

Weaknesses: Battery performance not up to par! Unable to find a way to use a Calling Card!

Summary: (Edited November 19th by lakiwi1) This is the BEST SONY ERICISSON phone I have ever owned.(My 5th!!). A lot of thought has gone into the design and operations menu and in 93g it has a camera, video camera, editor, MP3 player, and FM Radio. Syncs perfectly with MS Outlook: addresses, calendar, tasks, memos etc. Java applications are great; and the phone overall exceeds all my expectations. The only drawback is the battery; but if you are used to charging every day this will not be a problem. A firmware update apparently corrects this problem.

Reviewed by: afese from VA on Feb 16, 2005

Experience: 5 Days

Strengths: NA

Weaknesses: NA

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Reviewed by: mjdere from CO on Feb 25, 2005

Experience: 5 Days

Strengths: Design, display, sound, signal

Weaknesses: Battery time, no clock on stand by mode

Summary: (Edited March 31st by mjdere) This is my first Sony Ericsson after many Nokias. I bought it because of the design and I like it. So far I discovered that signal is very good, sound too - so in spite of all extras this phone is also a good phone. The camera is ok, good for e-mails and notes, will try to get pics developed on paper, the effect might be interesting. I bought this phone directly form Sony Ericsson, unlocked. They have good service and support help me with bluetooth connection, that was quite challenging - the phone and the computer could not agree on ports and manual correction was needed. A few hours of connection drained half of the battery, but the display was on for quite a while. FM radio has good reception and can be used simultaneously with other functions. One irritating thing is that on stand by the phone does not show time or anything so it's hard to say if it is still on stand by or it's dead. Summarizing it's a good phone, not perfect since all the functions require some compromising but at last the phone part is very good. I am not sure if my next phone will be SE or I'll go back to Nokia...

Warning: I purchased my phone from SonyEricsson web page. They sent me a defective phone. I had to pay for a return shipping. I had to wait 1 month for a replacement and I would probably wait longer but I start calling higher management at SE with complains. The sales are subcontracted and this guys have no clue what's going on, the customer service is unfriendly and unhelpful. When they finally send me a replacement I looked like a refurbished phone, with scratches etc. The worse service I ever experienced while buying on web. I must warn any buyer - SE do not take care of their customers. Their customer care is a bad joke... next time NOKIA!!!

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