Software offers 3D design and visualization
Software offers 3D design and visualization.

August 30, 2004 07:44 - DOSCH 3D: ELECTRONICS contains 50 3D models of electronic equipment, while DOSCH 3D: SHOP DESIGN contains 50 3D models of objects found in or near high traffic public places. All 3D objects are completely textured, licence free, and provided in various file-types. DOSCH TEXTURES: CARPETS provides 228 textures for professional visualization of carpets and rugs, including 25 bump maps for users to create their own carpet textures.

Electronics and Shop Design 3D-models


Dosch Design is releasing three new products:

Dosch 3D: Electronics and Dosch 3D: Shop Design, as well as Dosch Textures: Carpets.

DOSCH 3D: ELECTRONICS contains 50 textured 3D-models of electronic equipment from areas as diverse as HiFi, TV, Video/DVD, phone communications, film/photography, image projection, computing, video gaming, MP3-player, personal organizer even a coffee-maker.

DOSCH 3D: SHOP DESIGN contains 50 ready-to-use & royalty-free 3D-models of objects found in or near department or groceries stores, banks, public (high traffic) places: Shopping cart/basket, ATM-machine, retail check-out lane, product scanner/scale, trash bin, security camera, vending machine, and a great variety of shelf or shelving systems.

Both products can be used for architectural visualization (shopping facilities, sports bars/internet cafes, offices, event entrance security), product promotion, ad-design, gaming development, website animations, and much more.
All 3D-objects on both new products are 1) completely textured, 2) licence free, 3) provided in various file-types (3DS, 3dsmax, Lightwave, DXF, OBJ, Maya, VRML and Cinema 4D for broad compatibility, 4) easy to use ! The two products are compatible with MAC and WIN and available for USD 119.00 / EUR 99.00 each.

And when the need arises for wall-to-wall carpet visualization or decorative runners for a new store layout or office renovation then the new DOSCH TEXTURES: CARPETS will make the job much easier. It provides 228 textures for professional visualization of carpets (seamless) and rugs, incl. 25 bump maps for creating your own carpet textures. This product (and its JPEG-files) is compatible with MAC and WIN and available for USD 79.00 / EUR 69.00.

These 3 products, as all Dosch Design products have been produced very professionally and in superior quality. Dosch 3D-models and textures safe time and effort in the quest for top-notch 3D-designs and visualizations. Dosch Design:

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About Dosch Design

Dosch Design ( offers computer graphics products for 3D design, advertising, print materials,
3D animation and multimedia presentations. Dosch Design is dedicated to providing finely detailed, high-quality products at an attractive price. Product ranges include complete 3D models (Dosch 3D), surface materials (Dosch Textures), high dynamic range images (Dosch HDRI), 2D objects for visualization (Dosch VizImages), layered images (Dosch LayerFX), animated movie sequences (Dosch Movie-Clips), and music and sound effects (Dosch Audio).



Dosch Design GmbH

Attn: Sebastian Dosch

Gotthard-Schuell-Str. 14

97828 Marktheidenfeld - Germany

Phone +49-(0)9391-91 58 53

Fax +49-(0)9391-91 58 54




Dosch Design US Shipping Ctr.

Attn: Harald Dertinger

603 Ruskin DRAltoona, PA 16602 - USA

Tel / Fax: 1 (866) 3D-DOSCH (Toll-free from US/Canada)

Tel / Fax: +1 (814) 943-2807 (international)



General Information:
Harald Dertinger
Phone: 866-333-6724

Company Information:
Name: Dosch Design US Shipping Ctr.
Address: 603 Ruskin DR
City: Altoona
State: PA
ZIP: 16602
Country: USA
Phone: 866-333-6724
FAX: 814-943-2807

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