Smart Camera features Ethernet/TCPIP capability

Vision Components GmbH Expands its Popular Texas Instruments DSP Based VC20xx Smart Camera Family with New 1.3 Mega Pixel Model

Vision Components GmbH, a leader in industrial machine vision technology, today introduced the VC2068/E smart camera with built-in Ethernet/TCPIP capability. Ideal for high accuracy progressive scan applications, the new VC 2068/E is able to acquire full frame 1240(H) x 1024(V) pixel images at 10 fps whilst executing real-time image processing functions.

The VC2068/E is equipped with a variety of communications protocols including TCP/IP, UDP, FTP, SMTP, socket support, a Telnet-server and an HTTP server. A website can be hosted inside the small size smart camera that can be displayed using a standard web browser anywhere on the world-wide web. The website can even contain JavaScript. The VC2068/E is equipped with 2x binning to be able to capture images with double frame rate at 1280x512 pixel resolution.

Pre-emptive multi-tasking makes it possible to run several processes at the same time; so the user can change parameters on the fly without any impact on the inspection or communication process. The VC2068/E can be used for real-time image processing functions such as run-length encoding, object labeling, binarization, blob analyses and many others.

Like all the VC products, the VC 2068/E smart camera is a complete image processing system contained within one compact housing with 1200 MIPS computational power. It offers 16 Mbytes SDRAM image/data memory with 2 Mbytes of flash EPROM for program and data storage, and a built-in MMC. The process interface allows 4 inputs and 4 outputs. Direct real-time, 1280x1024, SXVGA video output serves as image display and user interface with programmable color graphical overlay.

When coupled with the available development software, Code Composer Studio from Texas Instruments and the latest VCLIB image processing library from Vision Components, these machine vision systems are ideal for a variety of OEM needs including mechanical engineering applications, medical applications, gauging, recognition tasks, 2D code-reading, 3D measurements, security applications and many others.

All Vision Components cameras are built for industrial applications and are designed to be insensitive to shock and vibrations. Vision Components offers the VC2068/E industrial smart camera for $3,900.

About Vision Components GmbH

Vision Components is a leading developer of machine vision technology, focusing on the manufacture and distribution of intelligent cameras for industrial use. With strategic partnerships with many key integrators and software providers, Vision Components offers a complete line of advanced industrial smart cameras for an array of applications. The product line includes standard, miniature and OEM board smart cameras.

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Smart Camera features Ethernet/TCPIP capability.
Smart Camera features Ethernet/TCPIP capability.

September 10, 2004 10:10 - Suited for progressive scan applications, Model VC2068/E acquires full frame 1,240 x 1,024 pixel images at 10 fps while executing real-time image processing functions. Offering 1,200 MIPS computational power, unit includes 16 Mbytes SDRAM image/data memory with 2 Mbytes flash EPROM for program and data storage, and built-in MMC. Process interface allows 4 inputs and 4 outputs. Website can be hosted inside camera and displayed using standard web browser.

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Name: Vision Components GmbH
Address: Ottostr. 2
City: Ettlingen, BW
ZIP: 76275
Country: Germany
Phone: +49 (0)7243 / 2167-0
FAX: +49 (0)7243 / 2167-11

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