Shrink Your PDA to the Size of a Wristwatch!
  • Keep your contact information with you wherever you go
  • Never miss another appointment, birthday or anniversary
  • Get the most out of your time -- read documents while standing in line, riding an elevator or waiting for an appointment Enjoy the freedom of having all your appointment and contact information, without having to take your PDA or laptop with you everywhere you go! With the PC-Unite Wearable Organizer, you can download contact and appointment information directly from your PC or PDA onto what looks like an ordinary "wristwatch". But don't let its appearance fool you. This high-capacity organizer stores up to 340 appointments, 340 "to do" items, 680 contact records and documents up to a total of 8,100 characters. Perfect for weekend warriors of any age, this is the best way to keep your information on ski or snowboarding trips, fishing or hunting weekends or rock-climbing excursions, without worrying about losing your expensive electronics!

    This powerful device not only stores appointments, it can be set to give audible reminders ranging from 5 to 60 minutes prior to the appointment, ensuring you arrive on time! Its task memos will keep you reminded of things you need to do, so you'll never miss an important business deadline, family birthday or anniversary. Priority can be given to specific tasks with a value of 1 through 4. And its data storage allows you to group documents according to titles. Text scrolls automatically on the display when you recall it, making it perfect for reading documents, e-mail or other text data.

    The unit can exchange personal information data with PDAs operating on the Palm operating system (i.e. Palm Pilots, IBM Work Pads, Handspring Visors, etc.) or any PC or laptop using Microsoft Outlook. You can even beam or receive information to/from other PC-Unite devices via the built-in infrared port! Send a digital business card to any other PC-Unite user containing all your contact information.

    In addition to its personal organizer abilities, the unit also serves as a high-performance wristwatch, offering 12/24-hour clock, backlighting, full-auto calendar (pre-programmed to the year 2039), daily alarm and hourly time signal, 1/100-second stopwatch, world time of any 27 cities around the globe and a low-battery warning (typical battery life is 18 months). The unit comes bundled with an infrared adapter and PC Link software for downloading information.