Setting up a security camera with retired Macs

I have on hand a 8600/200 and a 9600/300 that has been upgraded with a
Maxpower G3 processor. I use the 8600?s analog video input/output for a
security camera; it works great, but is slow in processing. The upgraded
9600 is much faster, but has no analog video input/output.
My questions are:
1: Can I replace the 604e in the 8600 with the upgrade card from the
9600 without power issues?
2: Can I take the IX-Micro Twin Turbo 128 video card from the 9600 and
place it into the 8600 without causing a conflict with the built in
monitor video?
3. Can I replace the 12X CD drive in the 8600 with the 24X CD drive in
the 9600 without problems?
4. Can I remotely run the spiffed up 8600 from a remote Mac on my
I know, why don?t I just buy a new system? The reason is cost. I got
both systems for nothing; the price is right. And the 8600 works just
fine with my analog video cam. of all...I can dedicate this
computer to one task. I do have a mirrored front G4 that dual boots in
OS9 and OSX that I use daily.

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