Sensor Products
Sensor Products

Aug 1, 1997 12:00 PM

The CarSense 101, an outdoor vehicle motion detector with sensing probe, can be installed where space is limited or buried in the ground, according to manufacturer EMX Industries, Solon, Ohio. The control unit senses movement of a metal vehicle and activates a warning device, such as an alarm, lights, pager, video camera or automatic gate. It operates on low current and works for solar power use. An underground cable connects the probe to an electronic module, and the unit's relay housing can be integrated into existing systems.

M7100STE motion sensors improve on the D-100 Series dual technology sensors, according to manufacturer Napco, Amityville, N.Y. With 40x40-foot coverage range, RFI-shielded circuitry and verifying microwave/PIR detection, the M7100STE also incorporates selectable anti-mask and anti-block supervision and environmentally responsive auto-correcting adaptive technology. It has the same housing as the D100s and can be retrofitted. It also features interchangeable lenses, a secured cover and tamper supervision.

The Fiber-Defender Model 210 (FD-210) fiber-optic intrusion detection system from Fiber SenSys, Beaverton, Ore., uses fiber-optic sensing technology and the Series 200 digital alarm processor. It features new cable installation kits and setup procedures. Powerful signal processing and an anemometer that changes parameters based on actual wind speed virtually eliminate nuisance alarms, according to the maker.

The PB-IN-100AT "anti-crawl" photoelectric beam is designed for high-security applications where attempts to crawl through a portion of a photobeam create an alarm event, according to manufacturer Pulnix, Sunnyvale, Calif. Transmitters project double modulated beams that differ in pulse pattern from upper and lower parts. Through CPU processing, the upper receiver selects the beam from the upper transmitter, and the lower receiver selects the beam from the lower transmitter, allowing for an AND-gated or OR-gated system. It comes in a distance of 300 feet and has four frequency selection for stacking the beams without crosstalk interference. Alignment aids such as audible tones help with setup, according to Pulnix. Other features include environmental circuit, programmed AGC and selectable beam transmission strength.

The six beams of the Rayonet 2000 are monitored by a RISC microprocessor running a neural network capable of making millions of decisions per second, according to SMF Security International Corp., Atlanta. Automatic gain control adjusts the sensitivity of each beam, and the microprocessor can monitor multiple beam breaks in groups of up to four simultaneously to create an alarm. A teaching and diagnostic module enables the system's sensitivity and detection parameters to be adjusted remotely to suit post-installation changes of site and zone requirements. With an installed range of 500 feet between towers, perimeters or portions from many miles down to a few feet are protected. The Rayonet series is designed and made by Integrated Design Ltd. for SMF Security.

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