Sends Video-Audio-DC All on the Same Coax Cable
  • Quick and easy way of powering cameras
  • Ideal for remote locations
  • Can be used up to 1000' on RG-59 or 1500' on RG-6 In two words the DC-Over-Coax Injector can be summed up as a "Cabling Lifesaver."

    Powers Cameras and Brings Back Audio
    The DC-Over-Coax Injector solves the problem of what to do when you can't economically run additional pairs of wire to a camera. Provides a quick and easy way of powering up cameras as well as bringing back audio all on a single coax cable.

    Ideal for Remote Locations
    The DC-Over-Coax Injector, power-up-the-coax kit consists of a sender and a receiver plus DC power supply. Ideal for remote locations or where existing wiring makes it difficult to pull new lines. Can be used up to 1000' on RG-59 or up to 1500' on RG-6. The power supply is adjustable between 15-27V depending on the length of the coax cable, higher voltage for longer coax runs. The receiver accepts DC in 18-27V and converts to DC out 12V (.5A). Power cord measures 9' and includes 2 screws and a small metal mounting bracket for the power supply. Sender and receiver size: 2" x 2.5" x 0.75" Manufacturer's product # VAP-1000