Securing Systems and Prevx Join Forces to Offer Enterprise-Strength Network Security Against Latest Cyber-Attacks

Securing Systems Ltd an IT Security Integrator has joined forces with Prevx an Intrusion Prevention company to offer enterprise-strength network security against latest cyber-attacks

February 9, 2005 -- Specialist security reseller Securing Systems has teamed up with Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) vendor Prevx. The deal means Securing Systems will now be offering Prevx Enterprise to organisations seeking protection from the newest tide of malicious cyber attacks including zero-day hacker, worm and Trojans attack and spyware.

Prevx Enterprise is the ultimate "backstop" protection for these attacks, such as the Sasser worm, which bypass traditional signature-based security measures which do not have time to update and can cause significant downtime for unsecured organisations. Aside from this intrusion into company servers can lead to cybercriminals storing illegal material on company networks or stealing private details for fraudulent means.

Brian Pennington from Securing Systems said "Prevx's unique approach means we can now offer full strength protection against the latest cyber-attacks across the entire corporate network. As it is host-based it allows us to extend this protection to encapsulate the increasingly fluid boundaries that organisations now operate within.

"Prevx Enterprise will be a vital addition to our arsenal. More and more companies are now being targeted by cybercriminals in these new ways and Prevx's solution is the best way of stopping these malicious attacks."

Contact Information
Brian Pennington
0161 488 4411
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