D-Link DCS-5300G Securicam Wireless Internet Security Camera

D-Link DCS-5300G Securicam Wireless Internet Security Camera

  • Product: D-Link DCS-5300G Securicam Wireless Internet Security Camera
  • Price: $549.99 list.
  • Company: D-Link Systems Inc., www.dlink.com

    This brand-new D-Link package is a standout. The camera has a high-quality image, smooth pan and tilt movements, and a speedy 802.11g connection for video streaming at up to 30 frames per second. Using the DCS-5300G with a wired connection to a router is simple (the camera has UPnP support, so you can easily mount it on your Windows ME or XP computer). Once it's connected, follow the instructions in the manual to set the camera for wireless use.

    The D Link DCS-5300G

    The package includes one camera, a mounting stand, an infrared remote, and the necessary software. There's also an AV cable, so that you can connect the camera to a TV and record to a VCR. The camera has an impressive range of motion, panning 270 degrees from side to side or 90 degrees up and down. It features a CCD sensor and a 4X digital zoom and can record audio as well as video.


    Using a Web browser, you can quickly access the camera from inside or outside your home network. Most of the camera's controls are accessible online, which lets you aim the camera and zoom in on your subject remotely. You can set up motion-sensitive recording, e-mail alerts when the camera detects motion, and preset views that quickly focus on a specific area. There's no tool to help you get the camera working with an outside connection, though, so you'll need to open four ports in your router and change some settings in your firewall to get it to work.

    The DCS-5300G comes with optional high-end software that lets you monitor 16 cameras at once; you'll feel like the commander of your own private surveillance company. All told, this package costs more than the others here, but if you want a well-built camera with a robust set of features, it's worth the price.

    Requirements are a 1.76-GHz or better processor and 128MB of RAM. A 2.4-GHz processor, 512MB of RAM, and a 32MB video card are recommended for using IP Surveillance software with multiple cameras.