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Thursday May 27, 2004
The Guardian

Polycom is bringing its video-conferencing technology to the smaller business. Only this isn't the usual 'cheap camera on top of the monitor' technology - it works with a television (or TV card in your PC), has no software to install and offers TV-like picture quality and sound, all for the price of a laptop. Called the V500, it simply plugs into a power supply and the Scart socket of the television. The company says it is TV rather than computer-based to avoid heavy network traffic and loads on already stretched computers, and stresses most of the small office/home office setups at which the product is aimed have a TV to which it can be attached.

The competition for your phone calls is intensifying as new company XLN Telecom starts offering flat rate of 3.00 a month for unlimited calls for business customers. The company claims to be achieving a low churn rate - 4% - and the line rental, at 9.99 a month, is lower than most of the competition. The 3.99 price is on a per line basis. For further details call XLN on 0800 027 5027 or look at

Employers offering car subsidies to employees could be increasingly liable if they are faulty and involved in an accident, according to Manchester law firm Glaysiers. Many employers have cut their tax bills by offering employees cash rather than company cars. But forthcoming corporate manslaughter legislation could make companies equally liable even if they have never seen the vehicle in question. The phrase Glaysiers believes will cause concern is "management failures", which the draft legislation cites as a reason for invoking corporate manslaughter charges - the law firm believes this is woolly enough to catch people who have innocently subsidised an em

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