Samsung Samsung 960 Hour Time Lapse VCR digital camera features
Samsung 960 Hour Time Lapse VCR 299.95 (inc VAT and FREE delivery)

The perfect solution for recording ALL the action!

High quality recording at over 350 TVL

Easy Operation with On Screen Menu

Built-in Time/Date generator

From 3 to 960 hours recording on a single 3 hour (E180) VHS Cassette. Record 30 hours of real time footage (12fps) on one tape!

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Timelapse recording allows longer periods of time to be captured. The longer the recording time, the fewer frames per second there are.

Alarm recording - When an alarm signal is received, the recording mode is automatically switched to 3Hr/12Hr/24Hr mode

Repeat recording - During recording if the tape reaches the end, it is automatically rewound to the beginning and the recording is re-started

Program recording - With this function, the user can preset either weekly or daily recording. In weekly recording mode, 10 events a week can be programmed. Daily recording mode enables a recording to be made everyday at the same time

Audio recording and playback in all modes up to 24 hour

Power loss memory

Record check - When the REC CHECK button is pressed the tape is rewound for 2~3 seconds and then played back. With this function you can check the recording quality quickly and easily

Size: 430 X 97.5 X 284mm (W x H x D)

Connect to a Quad Processor or for continuous long term recording of up to 4 cameras at the same time.

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