SSD-8 Wireless Home Security System
The SSD-8 is a full-featured wireless home security system! You can do-it-yourself with the SSD-8 because the complete installation can be done without tools. As the installer of your own security system you control the cost and know exactly what every piece of equipment does - no costly service installer or service calls.

SSD-8 home security system provides total protection against break-ins and other emergencies. It is ideal for smaller (2,000 sq. ft.) homes, businesses, apartments, and condos.

Portable console provides up to eight zones of wireless protection. It can be used on a tabletop or wall mounted. It plugs into any electrical outlet, and you can ensure continuous operation even in a power failure by adding two 9V alkaline batteries (not supplied).

Four easy-to-set operating modes:
HOME?for protection at home. Arms the perimeter sensors.
AWAY?for protection when you're gone. Arms the perimeter and interior sensors.
CHIME?for signaling when a door or window has been opened.
OFF?for disarming and for stopping alarms in progress.

Visual indicators on SSD-8 console identify alarms, doors or windows left open, and sensors that need batteries replaced.

If there's an intrusion while you're away, the system sounds a special warning tone to alert you not to enter the house.

Loud internal alarm siren, plus unique sounds for button presses, mode changes, chimes, and entrance/exit delays. Stops automatically after five minutes.

Secret code prevents unauthorized use.

System can be easily tailored to your home and needs. Supports up to eight sensors, plus many other accessories.

Great Value! The SSD-8 Wireless Home Security System comes with:
? portable control console
? AC power adaptor
? two door/window sensors
? sensor and transmitter batteries
? plus installation/operation manual


Frequency: 315 MHz
Range: 275 feet, typical
Transformer: 12 Vdc
Current consumption: 50 mA maximum standby; 300 mA maximum with siren on
Modes: OFF, CHIME, HOME, and AWAY (green LED)
Security zones: exterior, interior, emergency
Entry/exit delay: 45 seconds
Alarm cutoff: 255 seconds
Alarm memory: all alarming channels, cleared at next mode change
Transmitter zone displays: 8 (red LED)
Audio/siren: internal speaker provided, 2 watts max.
Volume control: internal adjustment
Transmitter compatibility: door/window sensor, keychain transmitter, motion detector
Transmitters learned: 8 maximum
Arm/disarm code: single 1 to 5 digit code
Mounting: wall mount or table top (wall mount bracket and rubber feet included)
Temperature range: 0 to 50?C


? External speaker: 8 ohms nominal, 2 watts; reduces internal speaker volume
? Battery backup: two 9V alkaline batteries (not supplied); 24 hours minimum standby with 2 siren cycles
? 24-Hour Central Station Monitoring: requires telephone dialer/communicator
? Automatic Voice dialer: in an alarm, automatically calls emergency telephone numbers programmed by user

The SSD-8 Home Security System and all the accessories come with a one year warranty (excludes batteries). An extended warranty is available if you sign up for the Central Station Monitoring Service provided through (WEMA) We Monitor America.

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