SEE When Your Phone or Doorbell Rings!

  • Connect up to 2 doorbells and 1 phone line
  • Turn off loud devices when the doorbell rings
  • Great for people with impaired hearing

    Don't miss out on an important phone call or visitor because you were watching a movie on your thundering home theater or cranking up that killer audio system. Find out when you have a call or visitor with a flashing lamp or an activation of any other electronic device with the Doorbell and Phone Ring Detector! This versatile unit detects ring activity from up to two doorbells and a single phone line and closes a low-current contact (open collector) that can be used to trigger any number of events or macros using your home automation controller!

    If someone presses your doorbell, program the lights to gently fade on. Or, if you have a hardwired IR distribution system, program it to automatically lower the volume when the phone rings. If your home control interface has an "away" feature (like the HouseLinc system), you can bolster your home's security by turning the stereo on when the doorbell rings, or activating the front door security camera and time-lapse VCR that it connects to. The possibilities are endless!

    Compatible With Most Home Automation Systems
    The Doorbell and Phone Ring Detector works with the most common home control systems, including the Stargate, TimeCommander Plus, HomeVision or HouseLinc with a Digital BOB. It also works with any X10 system when combined with the Powerflash module (#4060).

    The unit simplifies installation enormously thanks to its pre-scored circuit board, allowing you to snap off the individual detectors. Install the doorbell detectors anywhere in the wiring loop, and the phone detector near easily accessible phone wiring. No need to fish all of your wires to the same location! Both the doorbell detectors and the telephone ring detector get power from the lines, so no external power source is required.


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