Run a Single Coax Cable to This Camera!

  • In-wall video camera w. built-in modulator
  • Plugs right into the video distribution coax
  • Powered through the coax line
  • Greatly simplifies remote camera installation

    The CAModulator? makes it easy to add video cameras that you can view on any TV anywhere in your home. Unlike most cameras that require a cable for the power and video signal, there is only one connection at the video camera, the coax cable.

    Simply install in a single-gang J box or dry-wall mud ring. Then, attach a RG-6 coax cable and 2-way combiner into the TV/cable distribution coax. The built-in modulator allows you to inject the video camera signal directly into the TV/cable coax system on an unused cable or antenna channel. The power supply can be located at a convenient location away from the camera since the power is transmitted over the coax cable itself.

    The CAModulator? has a bendable bracket so you can adjust the viewing angle of the camera. Includes two Decora lens (clean and tinted), power injector, and 12-volt DC power supply. (Decora wall plate sold separately.) One-year warranty.


    Black and White

    Camera Lens

    350+ lines
    350 lines

    Min Illumination
    0.7 Lux
    5 Lux

    Output Frequency
    CATV 70-94, 100-125

    Modulation Method
    Digital Crystal PLL

    Output Level

    Power Requirement
    12VDC, 300mA

    Output Connector
    F-connector,75 Ohm

    Cable Type

    4.0"x 1.9" x 1.7"