Reliable Light Source During Power Outages - Cyberlux Home Safety Light
The first long-term portable lighting solution available. The Cyberlux Home Safety Light provides a full week of dependable light from one battery set for use during power outages or when power is otherwise unavailable. The Home Safety Light can be easily carried (weighs approx. 1 lb.) and provides sufficient light to illuminate a 12' by 12' room (144 sq.ft.). Alternatively, the backplate or battery cover contains screw eyes for mounting in a permanent location. The light is designed for suspension from a hook or nail or can be positioned in a horizontal or vertical plane on a counter, table, bookshelf or mantle.

Long-life and Energy Efficient
The Home Safety Light is the most economical and safe source of extended light available on the market today. It can provide up to 5 days of light on one set of eight "AA" batteries (included). Forty (40) hours on the "medium" setting and twenty (20) hours on the "high" setting. Cyberlux created the Home Safety Light with diodal? lighting elements instead of ordinary, traditional, incandescent bulbs so as to provide extraordinary reliability, durability and extended light life. Diodes are solid state chips, which, as contrasted to a fragile light bulb, do not burn. The bright white diode is guaranteed for 100,000 hours or over 20 years of use at 12 hours per day.

Cyberlux diodal? lighting elements do not burn, but instead, transform electrical current into visible bright light without heat. This safety feature is in contrast to open flame lanterns or candles which are known to have caused explosions, fires, property destruction and loss of life in the wake of natural disasters.

The Home Safety Light is constructed using the finest materials available. The molded body of the Home Safety Light is made of polycarbonate resin, an extremely durable material. The diodal? lighting elements are almost indestructible as opposed to the "bulbs" found in all incandescent lighting appliances and fluorescent tubes which are made of easily broken glass and in the case of the former, delicate filaments. Batteries are included with your purchase of the Home Safety Light (8 AA size). Manufacturer provides a Lifetime Guarantee on all materials and workmanship.

Family Emergency Preparedness Kit
Whether it is adjusting to disruptions during the first few days after a hurricane makes landfall, or trying to cope with an ice storm that leaves the power out for several days, the Home Safety Light should be an essential addition to your family's emergency preparedness kit. Every home has a smoke detector. Now every home should have at least one Home Safety Light. You never know when the power will fail. With the Home Safety Light, you will enjoy the most solidly durable and reassuring reliable interim light source ever introduced to consumers.

Perfect Solution for Outdoor Use
Although the Home Safety Light was created as the practical solution for a reliable light source during power outages, its design and function make it a superior alternative to flashlights and lanterns for use at your vacation home, in your small craft or sailboat, automobile, campsite or RV.

Approximate measurements 3.5" x 7.25" x 2.25"

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