Reduce False Alarms with FADE: False Alarm Dispatch Elimination
False Alarms affect everyone. They can put an extra burden on police, fire and emergency medical personnel. They may frighten neighbors. They often impact the costs of security services. And, in some locations, they can even trigger a fine to the homeowner.

ADT believes that, as a leading security company serving millions of customers in communities throughout the United States, we have a major responsibility to help prevent false alarms. That's why we developed FADE. FADE stands for False Alarm Dispatch Elimination. This important initiative is designed to help you keep your emergency contact information with ADT up-to-date.

That way if your alarm system does sound, we can contact you to determine whether you and your family are safe and then can notify emergency services if there truly is a need.

Join the FADE initiative. It's Free! It's Good Citizenship.
It's Added Peace of Mind.
When you join the FADE initiative you will receive quarterly e-mail reminders from ADT asking for updated emergency contact information, along with tips and information on preventing false alarms. It takes less than a minute to join. We simply need your name, email address and your permission to send you the quarterly e-mail reminders.

Tips for Reducing False Alarms
In addition to joining FADE, here are some things you can do help reduce false alarms:

Make sure your batteries are fully-charged. Low battery strength is a leading cause of false alarms. If your system shows a low battery level, turn it off and replace the batteries as soon as possible.

Inspect your alarm contacts on doors and windows for damage or looseness.

Check to see that all doors and windows are locked and cannot be accidentally opened.

Verify that motion detectors are aimed away from air vents, fireplaces or windows.

Test your alarm system as recommended in your owner's manual.

Teach everyone in the household how to use your alarm system.

Keep your emergency contact information with ADT up-to-date.

Let us know if we need to adjust your system for changes in the household, such as new pets or recent remodeling.

Enhanced Call Verification (ECV)
Another excellent way to reduce false alarms is to add Enhanced Call Verification (ECV) to your ADT account. Here's how ECV works: If ADT is unable to reach someone at your home who can verify if an alarm is false, the ADT Monitoring Center Operator will call the next person on your ECV call list to make another verification attempt before notifying the police.

You can put as many numbers as you wish on your ECV list, including your cell phone number and your work number. ADT will call all the numbers on your ECV list before dispatching the police. Remember that all your emergency contacts must have access to your home, know the correct code to disarm your system and know your Personal Identification Code (PIC). Your PIC is the code your emergency contact will need to give to the ADT operator to prove that they have authorization for your system.

To add the ECV option to your ADT account, click on the ADT banner or call ADT at 1-800-ADT-ASAP.

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