Records Events Triggered by Motion Detectors & Other Sensors
  • Records Up to 8 Hours Real-Time with T-160 VHS tape
  • Accepts Contact Closure Inputs (normally opened & normally closed) to Trigger Recording
  • Offers 3 Recording Modes
  • Time and Date Stamping in All Modes Need a VCR to record short-duration surveillance video? Spycorder is a cost-effective alternative to a 24-hour time-lapse VCR when you need 8 hours or less of real-time recording. Especially good for recording of events triggered by motion, glass break detectors, door switches, etc., when you need to record only while the event is in progress. In Event Recording Mode, Spycorder accepts contact closure inputs (normally opened or normally closed) to trigger recording at up to 62 different times after Spycorder is activated by the trigger. A Panic switch can be used as input during Event Recording to cause the tape to record to the end. Two other modes-Loop Recording to constantly rewind each time the tape comes to an end and End of Tape Recording Mode with either stand-by or eject at the end, are also standard with this VCR. Spycorder is fully compatible with quad monitors, observations systems, and composite video cameras.