Record Video From 9 Cameras Onto DVR's 160GB Hard Drive

  • Alarm, manual, or scheduled recording
  • Quick multiple search by date/time, alarm or full list
  • Security password protection

    For homes or businesses large enough to require multiple cameras for security, a single-channel digital video recorder won't be enough to manage the feed required for constant surveillance. But the 9-Channel DVR w/160G Hard Drive will provide the connection of up to nine different video surveillance cameras to monitor your entire property or office. You can even scroll through the audio feed, using the 9-Channel DVR's four audio inputs. But you don't need to stand at a monitor all day to watch the proceedings. An embedded system in the unit enables remote watching and control of the video display via the Internet or your home or business network. Cameras are sold separately.

    An on-screen menu allows you to configure your DVR settings and program various recording options. Choose from three different recording methods. Set the system to record upon a triggered alarm, at specific times of the day or week, or record manually. If an alarm is triggered, set the audible buzzer to alert you, and the 9-Channel DVR can be set to record for a specified time from 10 seconds to over 30 minutes. You can even have it record until stopped manually. Additional settings include scheduling new recording to overwrite the hard drive, changing the security password, or clearing the hard drive.

    By attaching the 9-Channel DVR to a monitor, you'll be able to view events as they happen and watch as cameras record. View each feed on a full screen, sequencing from one camera to another or zooming in on one shot, or take advantage of the unit's picture-in-picture feature. Select the amount of time the monitor focuses on each camera before sequencing to the next channel. You can even assign a six-character title to each camera input.

    The DVR can be controlled remotely by an external device or control system, such as a PC or an alarm block, using RS-232 serial communications signals. Its auto email warning system can be set to alert you upon the triggering of an event.

    Record up to 160 events on each camera channel. With nine cameras and 160GB of space on the hard drive, you might think finding recorded video would be difficult. But the 9-Channel DVR has solved that problem with its numerous search options, offering many advantages over traditional time-lapse VCRs by allowing you to access and search for a specific time segment or recorded event quickly. Search by date and time, by alarm, or through a full list of available video. The high-quality recorded video can be viewed at various playback speeds, adjustable to 32 times faster or slower than recorded speed. You can even view video frame by frame.

    The 9-Channel DVR is also available with an . 16-channel DVRs are also available with and hard drives. All of these units are sold separately.


    Strategic Vista Product No.:

    17" W x 4.33" W x 12.8" (432mm W x 110mm H x 325mm D)

    12.56 lbs. (5.7kg)

    Video Format:

    HDD Storage:
    IDE type, UTMA 66 above, 1 removable HDD supported

    Record Mode:
    Manual / alarm / timer

    Camera Input Signal:
    Composite video signal 1 Vp-p 75 ohms BNC, 9 channels

    Camera Loop Back:
    Composite video signal 1 Vp-p 75 ohms BNC, 9 channels

    Main Monitor Output:
    Composite video signal 1 Vp-p 75 ohms BNC

    Call Monitor Output:
    Composite video signal 1 Vp-p 75 ohms BNC

    Audio Input/Output:
    4 audio inputs, (RCA) and 2 audio outputs, (RCA)

    Motion Detect Area:
    15 X 12 targets per camera (NTSC)/ 15*14 targets per camera (PAL)

    Motion Detect Sensitivity:
    256 levels

    Video Loss Detection:

    Refresh Rate:
    72 IPS for NTSC / 100 IPS for PAL

    Recording Rate:
    25 IPS for NTSC / 12 IPS for PAL

    Dwell Time:
    Programmable (1 - 10 seconds)

    Picture in Picture:
    Yes (moveable)

    Key Lock:

    Image Compression:

    Video Adjustment:
    Brightness, contrast, saturation, quality level adjust


    CPU (32-bits RISC processor); ROM (2MB FlashROM); RAM (16MB SDRAM); one RJ-45 port for 10/100 Mbps Ethernet; LED to indicate Link / Act status; GPIO with trigger E-mail

    VGA: 640x480; CIF: 320x240

    Video through put: up to 15 frames/second; network through put: up to 700k per second

    Trigger & Action:
    Triggered by GPIO input/action: E-mail image to specific account

    Assign static IP address

    Software Upgrade:
    Local or remote software upgradable

    3-layer password protection

    Picture Zoom:
    2X (moveable)

    Camera Title:
    6 characters

    Video Adjustable:
    Color / contrast / brightness adjustable

    Alarm Input /Output: Input:
    TTL input, Hi (5V), Low (GND) Output: COM/N.O/N.C

    Remote Control:
    RS-232 or RS-485

    Time Display Format:

    Power Source:
    AC 100-240V +/- 10% switching adaptor

    Power Consumption:

    Operation Temperature:
    50กใ F to 104กใ F (10กใ C to 40กใ C)

    FCC compliant

    1 year, limited

  • Digital Video Recorder

  • Hard disk drive in cartridge

  • Installation/user manual

  • Power adapter and cord

  • 2 keys for hard drive cartridge