Record Up to 24 Hours on One VHS Tape!

  • Records 2 hours real time, 12 or 24 hours time-lapse on T-120 VHS tape
  • Built-in 15 program timer
  • Adjustable repeat recording after end of tape
  • Alarm memory for up to 99 alarms

    Use this reasonably priced time-lapse VCR to record up to 24 hours on one VHS tape. Ideal for less demanding non-professional applications, or where the VCR is not expected to run 24 hours every day. Contact closure input initiates alarm recording mode (2 hour speed). Recording can last for the duration of the alarm condition, 6 minutes, or until the end of the tape is reached. Up to 99 alarm events (time and date) can be stored in memory for later review. Multiple units can be daisy chained for extended recording. Does not have time in use meter.

    The Time-Lapse VHS VCR features auto-restart after power failure. Time-lapse VCRs accept only baseband video signals that come from cameras, other VCRs, or the audio and video outs of a DVD player, cable box, TV or monitor. They can't accept modulated signals.


    EverTech Product No.:
    EV-VCR24R 24HR VCR

    Recording/Playback Time:
    2, 6, 18, 24, 36 hours (when using T-120 tape)

    Recording Method:
    Dual-azimuth 4-head rotating helical scanning system

    Specified Video Cassette Tape:
    VHS 1/2 inch video cassette tape

    Audio Recording:
    In 3,12 18 and 24 hour modes

    Video Input & Video Output:
    1Vp-p, BNC, 75 ohm, unbalanced

    Horizontal Resolution::
    350 lines in black & white mode
    300 lines in color mode

    Audio Jacks:
    RCA pin jack Input
    RCA pin jack Output
    Microphone Input

    Operating Temperature Range:
    41 F to 104F

    Alarm Input
    Panic Input
    Series Input

    Power Requirements:
    AC90~240V, 50/60 Hz 11 Watts

    14.1" w x 3.5" h x 11.4" d

  • Time-Lapse VHS VCR