Receiver/Monitor meets requirements for portability
Receiver/Monitor meets requirements for portability.
Receiver/Monitor meets requirements for portability.

January 11, 2002 08:49 - Model GM-2400 color, 5 in., backlit LCD monitor/wireless receiver allows users to receive up to 4 separate signals via its built-in 2.4GHz receiver. Resolution is 600 x 234; operating frequencies are 2.413, 2.432, 2.451, and 2.470 GHz; and size is 155 x 120 x 120 mm. Monitor has separate A/V input jack, and operates on external 12V DC power.

GM-2400 5" Color Wireless Reciever/Monitor

GM-2400 5" Color Wireless Receiver/Monitor

Polaris Industries announces the release of their GM-2400 color LCD monitor/wireless receiver. This 5" backlit LCD monitor allows the user to receive up to four separate signals via a built-in 2.4GHz receiver. Tired of climbing up and down ladders when installing cameras? Transmit any wireless camera directly to the handheld monitor for easy installation. Other applications include: home surveillance, baby monitoring, and field applications where size and portability are required. The GM-2400 has a display resolution of 600 x 234, and receives on 2.4GHZ with four selectable channels. The operating frequencies are 2.413, 2.432, 2.451, and 2.470GHz. The monitor has a separate A/V input jack and operates on external 12V DC power. The entire unit is cased in an enclosure measuring only 155 x 120 x 120mm. Each unit weight is 470g. This product is available for immediate shipment from Polaris Industries, Inc., Atlanta, GA for $249.95.

Polaris Industries, Inc.
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Company Information:
Name: Polaris Industries, Inc.
Address: 470-T Armour Dr. N.E.
City: Atlanta
State: GA
ZIP: 30324-3943
Country: USA
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