Reality TV Hits Home (Security) With 'It Takes a Thief'
Scarsdale, NY - Scarsdale Security Systems Inc. is participating in the new reality TV series It Takes a Thief co-produced by Lion Television and Discovery Communications Inc. and presented by the Discovery Channel every Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET/PT. It Takes a Thief is a unique new Discovery Channel series that offers viewers something they've never seen before: a home burglary performed by reformed ex-thieves that is taped as it happens, followed by a lesson in what steps to take to prevent such a violation from occurring again.

Hosted by Matt Johnston and Jon Douglas Rainey, It Takes a Thief exposes home-security flaws by unleashing these two uniquely qualified experts onto the properties of people interested in learning just how vulnerable their houses are.

Then come the experts, including Scarsdale Security Systems, to give the property a full home-security makeover, reworking everything from locks to landscaping, in some cases including a new professionally installed and monitored security alarm system provided by Honeywell.

When we were first approached, we were a bit skeptical? said David Raizen, Scarsdale Security founder and president, It put the producers were dedicated to making a high quality and informative show that would be interesting to viewers.?Raizen went on to say. We really enjoy seeing the homeowners relief from the peace of mind that their new monitored alarm system brings them?

Founded in 1982 by local resident David Raizen, Scarsdale Security Systems Inc. provides monitored security services to homes and business across the country and is one of the industry top 100 firms. For more information, visit

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