Raytheon Infrared's TSCXP Thermal Imaging Camera Offers Extended Performance
DALLAS, Sept. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Raytheon Company's Raytheon Infrared announces the introduction of the Thermal Security Camera Extended Performance (TSCXP). The sleek, black thermal imaging camera provides security personnel with the ability to see what traditional security cameras can't -- dangers lurking in the darkness. In the security business, that extra edge can make a significant difference. The TSCXP makes it possible to detect intruders, both persons and vehicles, in total darkness at ranges much longer than those afforded by the naked eye or traditional security cameras. Heat-generating objects, such as people or vehicles, stand out in thermal video, making them easy for guards or automatic detection equipment to identify. And, like its cousin, the TSCSS (Standard Series), the TSCXP works seamlessly with conventional closed-circuit television systems. That means no new wiring, no installation of new control systems and no new monitors. The plug and play capability of the TSCXP makes it ideal for a broad range of security surveillance situations. "In the past couple of years, we've all seen how important it is to have good security -- the stakes are just so much higher now," said Raytheon Infrared President Chris Bade. "Raytheon's Thermal Security Camera series offers organizations a better way to guard their people and other valuable assets by helping security personnel see and address problems they might otherwise have missed." The TSCXP fits inside the majority of camera enclosures currently in use at facilities in hot, desert areas or cold, wintry climates. The extension of temperature range lets organizations take advantage of the additional levels of security made possible with thermal imaging cameras. Using the TSCXP also makes it possible to avoid the use of security lighting. Installation of security lighting is expensive, costly to maintain, and often obtrusive and aesthetically unpleasing. Waterfront areas or those where lighting is not permitted can use the TSCXP to See the Unseen(TM) in daytime and dark. About Raytheon Infrared Raytheon Infrared, based in Dallas, designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of thermal imaging products and solutions serving the security, fire and rescue, public safety, law enforcement, transportation, industrial, utilities and Homeland Security markets. Product applications include search and rescue, perimeter surveillance, investigation, industrial process monitoring, preventative maintenance, automotive and truck night vision and much more. Visit http://www.raytheoninfrared.com for additional information. About Raytheon Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN), with 2002 sales of $16.8 billion, is an industry leader in defense, government and commercial electronics, space, information technology, technical services, and business and special mission aircraft. With headquarters in Lexington, Mass., Raytheon employs more than 76,000 people worldwide. Contact: Kay Kitchens 972.344.8480 SOURCE Raytheon Company
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