Radar Detector Cuts Down on Speeding Tickets
Warns of radar and laser signals as well as safety alert signals

  • 360-degree detection of laser and strobe signals

  • Voice or tone alert

  • Dual port cigarette lighter plug allows for second device to receive power simultaneously

    Speeding tickets are a costly inconvenience! But if you're driving down a nearly empty highway, sometimes it's hard to conform to that speed limit. Don't get caught by radar; get the Cobra Voice Alert Laser & Radar Detector so you'll know when it's safe to speed. The Voice Alert Laser & Radar Detector detects the latest super-fast instant-on signal pulse radar guns and has a LaserEye for 360-degree detection of laser and strobe signals. The detector's easy-to-read alphanumeric dot matrix data display with adjustable brightness provides detailed signal alert, including the kind of signal and the signal strength, so you'll know if it's a false alarm, a motorcycle cop, or a speeding emergency vehicle coming up ahead. Choose from voice or tone alert with adjustable volume for the best possible information on what's going on around you on the road.

    The Voice Alert Laser & Radar Detector mounts easily to your windshield or dashboard and also features an eight-point compass to display the direction you're traveling. Stuck in traffic? The Voice Alert Laser & Radar Detector features IntelliMute, which senses the RPM of your engine and mutes alerts when you're traveling at low speeds.

    Your detector does not emit signals that can be detected by VG-2 or Spectre 1, but will alert you when either device is in use near your vehicle.

    It is legal to own and use radar detectors in all fifty states expect Washington, D. C., and Virginia, although federal law bans the possession and use of radar detectors in commercial vehicles weighing over 10,000 pounds. As laws can change, it is the responsibility of you, the driver, to maintain awareness of the laws pertaining to the areas in which you drive.

    Details & Specifications
    The Voice Alert Laser & Radar Detector detects signals in all three FCC-approved radar bands. It distinguishes important safety alerts from other K band signals and even alerts you to emergency vehicles in the area. The tones will repeat faster as you approach the signal source.


    Cobra Product No.:

    4 7/8" x 3 1/16" x 1 1/2"

    6.45 oz.

    X Band Frequency:
    10.525 0.050 GHz

    K Band Frequency:
    24.125 0.125 GHz

    Safety Alert Frequency:
    24.070 0.010 GHz

    Traffic Warning Frequency:
    24.110 0.010 GHz

    System Frequency:
    24.190 0.010 GHz; 24.230 0.010 GHz

    Ka Band Frequency:
    34.700 1.300 GHz

    Laser Frequency:
    910 50 nm

    Strobe Frequency:
    700 300 nm

    FCC compliant

    1 year, limited

    What's Included

    • Radar/laser detector

    • Aluminum carrying case

    • Dual port cigarette lighter plug

    • 12V DC 6-foot coiled power cord

    • 12V DC hardwire power cord

    • Windshield mounting bracket & suction cups

    • Operating instructions