RF Modulator Creates a TV Channel for Your House

  • Create cable channel for your home
  • Watch satellite TV or security monitor feed in multiple rooms
  • High power output provides strong signal, even over long cable runs

    Why limit your satellite input to one television? By connecting your satellite feed to the Mini Surface-Mount Digital RF Modulator, you'll not only be able to watch on your big-screen TV, but you'll be able to modulate the input onto a cable channel, creating your own television channel that every set in your home can access. But uses aren't limited to watching television: By attaching a security monitor's feed, you'll be able to maintain watch over your home's safety from any room in the house.

    Installation is simple. Find an unused, interference-free channel. Remove the four screws on the side of the housing to access the channel selector, and select the TV band using the cable or antenna. Change the modulator channel, and combine the RF output to the cable or UHF feed. At that point, you can replace the four housing screws and mount modulator to a wall or cabinet. Add a splitter to the coax output to link to other televisions in the house. Coax cable is sold separately.

    The Mini Surface-Mount Digital RF Modulator includes PLL crystal-controlled oscillator circuitry, which locks assigned channel frequencies and eliminates channel drift. The PLL system simplifies channel setup by providing a user-friendly push-button channel assignment system with LED display and non-volatile memory. Offering an integrated video amplifier that allows for RF output levels of 30dBmV, the Mini Surface-Mount Digital RF Modulator is designed for residential and light commercial applications that require multiple drops. Using various distribution options, the Mini Surface-Mount Digital RF Modulator allows the combination of CATV or off-air signals to be sent through a total RF distribution system of incoming services and in-house-created channels to every room with the system.


    Channel Vision Product No.:


    1.8" W x 5.125" H x 3.5" D (4.6cm x 12.7cm x 8.9cm)

    2 lbs.

    Video Differential Gain:
    <2% ( 0.2dB )>

    Video Differential Phase:
    <3 degrees>

    Video Signal/Noise Ratio:

    Video Input:
    0.4V-2.7V peak to peak

    Audio Input:
    1V RMS

    Video Output:
    1V peak to peak

    Audio Output:
    1V RMS

    Video Amp RF Output:

    Operating Temperature:
    32 F to 122 F (0 C to 50 C)

    Power Requirements:

    Input Voltage:
    115 VAC, 50/60Hz

    8 watts

    Output Voltage:
    12.0 VAC C/T @ 400mA

    RCA female video/audio inputs, F-type female RF output


    Frequency Stability:

    Frequency Range:
    UHF 471.25-855.25Mhz; Ultraband 469.25-859.25Mhz

    UHF 14-78, Ultraband 65-135 (except 95-99)

    Channel Width:

    Audio Offset:


    Maximum RF Output:
    30dbmV, gain range fixed

    Video Performance:
    S/N ratio > 52dB

    Spurious Output Rejection (Non-harmonic):
    Outside carrier: +12Mhz greater than 62dBC; inside carrier +12Mhz (greater than 55dBC)

    Greater than 70dB

    FCC compliant

    2 years, limited

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