Quality Video Security Systems

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Security monitor FO5154QCMO is a 15?True Flat color professional video monitor with a built-in digital dual page quad processor. The monitor hosts a number of features such as on-screen programming, camera titling, alarm input/output, 500 lines of resolution, display zoom, RJ11-E and BNC inputs, two way audio and quad output connection for a secondary monitor.

Security camera SCS351CN includes a 1/4" CCD color image sensor, wide angle 4mm lens, electronic iris & two-way audio.

The bullet camera is a high resolution, bullet-style camera suitable for indoor or outdoor use. It features a low light sensitive 1/3?CCD imager with a 3.6mm wide-angle lens in a weather resistant casing. The SCB350CN includes a 2-foot cable with RJ-11E coupler and camera mount. This camera requires RJ-11E cable to connect to a monitor.


  • 2 Color PIR Cameras
  • 2 Color Bullet Cameras
  • 4 60 ft Cables
  • 15" Color Monitor
  • Camera Mounting Brackets
  • Real time, 30 frames per second, digital dual page quad processor
  • On-screen programming
  • Video-loss detection
  • Separate power switches for system and screen only
  • Alarm outputs on monitor for optional external alarm accessories
  • RJ-11E and BNC inputs for camera
  • Camera tilting
  • Alarming input/output with variable dwell time
  • Two-way audio from camera to monitor
  • Quad output for connection to a secondary monitor
  • Monitor 14.26"W x 13.484"H x 15.038"D
  • PIR Camera - > 330 lines of resolution
  • 500 lines of resolution
  • Bullet Camera - 3.6mm wide-angle lens
  • Bullet Camera - SONY 1/3?Super HAD CCD
  • Bullet Camera - 380 TV lines
  • Bullet Camera - 1.0 Lux (F2.0) sensitivity
  • PIR Camera - 6 lux
  • PIR Camera Built-in wide-angle 4mm lens
  • PIR Camera - Built-in electronic iris automatically adjusts the camera for changes in lighting to ensure an optimal picture at all times
  • PIR Camera - Two-way audio from camera to monitor

  • 8mm Camcorder Cassette Twin Pack
  • Sprint 90 Min Chargr
  • Monochrome C-Mount Proof Video Camera
  • 400 UPS Energy Protector
  • New Road Angel Manufacturer: Blackspot Interactive - GPS based in-car speed
  • New color security cameras for your system
  • Convex Mirror Camera
  • Single Channel Video Server
  • B & W Board Camera with Infrared LEDs
  • Quality Video Security Systems
  • Pan/Tilt Lens Controller
  • Computer security background information