Protector Plus Voice Dialer
A comprehensive security system for homes or apartments. Combines door/window sensors, light module, and motion detector with sirens and phone warnings to up to four designated numbers. Perfect for the person that wants three-way protection. When a sensor is triggered the system will sound a built?in 95 dB siren, flash controlled lights and also call up to four telephone numbers. It then plays a message that you record and allows person receiving the call to listen in. Interior spaces are protected by a motion detector.

Installation is quick and simple for the Protector Plus Voice Dialer and Monitor Plus security systems -- no wires to run, no holes to cut, no special tools required and best of all -- no expensive installers to hire. The systems plug into your ac power outlets and use your home's existing electrical wiring. Easy to set up in your home and ideal for apartments and condos where drilling or running wires is not practical. The systems can be expanded with various accessories to control lights and appliances and monitor additional windows, doors and zones -- up to 16 total. Battery backup keeps the system fully operational even in the event of a power outage.

These systems incorporate features expected in more expensive systems and include many features that can't be found in any other systems. Simply plug the console into an ac outlet and connect the phone to any jack. When armed, an automatic timer can be set to turn tvs, lights, radios and other small appliances connected to control modules on and off in the sequence you set. This gives your home that "lived-in" look even while you are away. When a door/window sensor or motion detector senses an intruder, a signal is instantly sent to the console which then triggers the built-in siren and flashes all lights in your home that are connected to lamp dimmer modules. In the Protector Plus Voice Dialer, the console will call up to 4 telephone numbers that you select. It then plays a message that you record and allows the person receiving the call to listen in. In the Monitor Plus System the console dials the selected monitoring service and sends a digitally encoded message allowing the service operator to identify your address and telephone number and to notify the proper authorities. Both systems can be controlled by a hand held remote carried around the house or set on the bedside table or a keychain remote.

The system includes the following:

Main Console. Monitors the sensors and motion detectors and when triggered activates the alarm and initiates the calling sequence specific to the system -- Monitor Plus or Protector Plus. Notifies you of any problems with the sensors or detectors. Checks the back?up battery and alerts you when low.

2 Wireless Door/Window Sensors. Attach easily to window sills or door jambs and when a door or window is opened, a wireless remote transmitter instantly sends a signal to the console. The self-checking function of the system reports battery failure and location of problem sensors.

Motion Detector. Detects motion within a selected area and instantly sends a signal to the main console. Protects hall-ways, living rooms and areas not protected by the door/window sensors.

One Lamp Module. When the alarm is triggered, this module will flash on and off any lamp plugged into it. Also, allows a lamp to be controlled by the on/off timer function of the main console or by using the remote control.

Hand Held Remote Control. Carry around the house or set on the bedside table. Arms and disarms the system and can control up to four lamp or small appliance modules.

Keychain Remote Arms and disarms the system from either inside or outside of the house.

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