Protect Your Home and Family with a Professional Security System
  • Eight zones expandable to 32 in eight-zone increments
  • Up to 25 configurable zone types
  • Built-in monitoring station telephone communicator
  • Two built-in programmable outputs (expandable)
  • Home/away modes with automatic at-home sensing This system is perfect when security is your prime concern but you also want to integrate home automation features. You can use hardwired sensors or wireless sensors if you add the wireless module. By hardwiring your sensors you are less likely to have false alarms, and the sensors do not have batteries that need replacing. In situations where it is difficult to hardwire the sensors, you can substitute some or all of your sensors for the high-quality 900Mhz spread spectrum wireless sensors if you add the wireless expansion module.

    This is a top-quality unit with a list of features so long that we don't have enough space to list them all. It also has one of the nicest looking control keypads we have seen. The alphanumeric LCD keypad is our favorite. It will give you very user-friendly plain-English messages and will handle from 8 to 32 zones. A flip-up cover conceals the keypad when not in use. The LED keypads provide a lower cost alternative and are a good choice for extra keypads in locations not used often.

    Although, this system functions very well as a standard security system, it has a number of features that makes it particularly suitable for home automation use.

    With the X10 expansion module this system can control up to 32 X10 lights and other devices by time or when triggered by a system event (armed, dis-armed, entry delay, etc.). For example, have your X10 lights come on after opening the door to help you find the alarm's keypad.

    Arm/disarm the system through contact closure, through the keypad or even by phone (with optional phone module). You can also use the phone to check the status of the system, or to control X10 devices. Both in house and outside phones can be used for this. You can call home and turn on the system if you forgot to do so when you left, or check to see if you left any doors or windows open. Using the phone you can disarm the system and unlock a door (using an optional electric door strike controlled through a low-voltage output and relay) to let a maid or tradesman in.

    You can use one of the outputs to indicate the armed/disarmed status of the system. Most home automation systems such as the JDS Timecommander Plus with digital input capability can read this signal. There is also an output that becomes live when the system is in alert mode. This can be used by automation systems to initiate your desired response, from flashing lights, to video camera recording.

    Arming from the keypad is accomplished by entering your security code and the "arm" button. You then have a programmable delay period during which to exit. If you do not exit the house, the system automatically arms in at home mode. In this mode only the sensors designated as perimeter sensors will be armed. Interior motion sensors will remain off so that you can wander freely inside the house while being protected from intrusion.

    To disarm the system, you enter the security code and the disarm button. You can program one or more entryways as a delayed entrance to give you time to enter and disarm the system. Up to eight control panels can be used with the system.

    A built-in digital communicator can be programmed to call your choice of central monitoring station. It handles virtually all of the common monitoring station communication codes. The system can be used without monitoring stations. Using a programmable output and an optional voice dialer it can be programmed to dial a individuals you specify and play a recorded message and/or to dial a pager number should there b an alarm condition.

    When disarmed you can program the control panels to chime when certain zones are entered. Panic buttons allow you to trigger the system in one of three distress modes. Wiring the sensors is simply a matter of running two-conductor wire from the system enclosure to the magnetic sensors (NC), and four-conductor wires to motion sensors (NC) and smoke detectors (NC). The power for motion sensors is provided by outputs in the system enclosure.

    Virtually all the accessory sensors available in this catalog including water, temperature and power outage sensors can be used. Individual zones can be programmed for these types of sensors.

    An optional Audio Interface Module allows you to add intercom features. You can intercom from station to station, broadcast music or use it as a baby room monitor. A door intercom module allows you to use it as a door intercom station.

    The minimum required configuration for this system is the eight-zone panel with case, an alphanumeric LCD keypad, a power supply and a backup battery. Add PIR motion sensors to monitor internal areas, magnetic contacts to monitors doors and windows. Other sensors such as glass break detectors, smoke detectors, infrared beam detectors, temperature sensors, in fact virtually any NC or NO sensor sold in this catalog can be added if desired.

    To add additional zones, X10 capability, low voltage outputs, telephone control, etc. simply purchase the appropriate expansion card. The standard metal case will house up to three additional expansion cards; to add more you will need to purchase an expansion case.

    This system is designed for professional installation. It is only recommended for installation by those comfortable with complex technical manuals and programming. Technical support/warranty on this product is provided by SMARTHOME.COM? . Power 8 Security Systems Manual (#7500M) is included free with purchase of the system (#7500P).

    Please note the minimum configuration alarm system needs to consists of these parts:

  • Power 8 Zone Security Panel and Cabinet (#7500P)

  • Power 8-32-Zone Alphanumeric LCD Keypad (#7508LCD)

  • 12V Backup Battery (#7473 or #3292B)

  • 16VAC 40VA Power Supply (#7474)

  • 30-Watt Weatherproof Siren (#7490)

  • Door/window contacts and/or PIR motion sensors
    Use of additional expansion boards and modules may necessitate the purchase of an expansion cabinet.

    Expansion Options


    Alphanumeric LCD Keypad

    Keypad for operating and programming the system. Reads out in plain English system troubles, which zones are open, other information. One of these keypads is required for the alarm system. Manufacturer's part number LCD5500Z or LCD5500Z864.


    Installation Manual (449KB)

    LCD Keypad & Wireless Receiver for 7500P & 7506

    Accepts signals from 32 wireless security accessories. Combines all the benefits and features of the Fixed Message LCD Keypad (#7478) and the 433MHz Spread Spectrum Wireless Receiver (#7510R433) into one unit. Manufacturer's part number LCD5501-433.


    Installation Manual (303KB)
    Owner's Manual (620KB)

    Fixed Message LCD Keypad

    Elegant looking keypad, but at the low price of the LED keypad! This 32-zone keypad displays fixed words and numbers on its 3-inch wide screen, and is perfect for rooms or doorways that aren't used as often as the main LCD keypad location. Manufacturer's part number LCD5501Z.

    7508E8, 7508E16, 7508E32

    User's Manual (391KB)

    LED Keypads

    These keypads display the first 8, 16, & 32 zones of your system. Use in areas where it is convenient quickly see the status of all the zones. Can only be used on partitions 1&2 for #7506. Not recommend for use in programming the system, use 7508LCD. Manufacturer's part numbers 5508Z, PC5516, and PC5532 respectively.


    Installation Manual (95KB)

    8 Zone Expansion Module

    Adds 8 hardwired zones to the alarm system. Can be located in the main panel, in an expansion case, or under any keypad when used with the 7505B2 backplate. Manufacturer's part number PC5108.


    Installation Manual (378KB)
    User's Manual (181KB)

    Telephone & X10 Control Module (Escort Board)

    Turns any tone telephone into a fully functional keypad. The module also includes a built-in interface to control up to 32 X10 units and four 7502T thermostats. An extensive library of voice prompts (490 words) for security and automation operation, programming, and system status feedback. Manufacturer's part number ESCORT5580/TC.


    Installation Manual (271KB)

    Digital Thermostat
    (for use with #7502)

    Add up to four Digital Thermostats to the alarm system. Offers user-friendly control of the heating/cooling system. It also has an easy-to-read vertical LCD that displays complete operation status. Works with conventional heating and cooling systems with up to two heat stages and up to two cooling stages. Not compatible with heat pump systems. Works only with the #7502 Escort Board. Manufacturer's part number DCS HSEMS300.


    Installation Instructions (44KB)

    8 Output Low-Current Module

    Adds 8 programmable outputs to the alarm system. Each output is rated at 50mA. Can be programmed to respond to one of 14 different system conditions (21 on 7506). Ideal for interfacing to home automation controller (Stargate, Time Commander Plus, or HomeVision) or directly to X10 PowerFlash Module. Manufacturer's part number PC5208.


    Installation Instruction2 (245KB)

    Four Output High Current Module

    Provides 1 Amp of additional current (art 12VDC) for the alarm system and components. Also adds 4 high current programmable outputs for door strikes, bells, and more. Requires 16VAC 40VA Power Supply (7474), backup battery (7473), and enclosure (7501B or 7501C). Manufacturer's part number PC5204.


    Installation Instructions (88KB)

    Printer Module

    Allows the alarm system to print reports to a serial printer. Prints 40 or 80 column on printers with baud rates of 300, 1200, 2400, or 4800. Prints: zone, time, date & event type as they occur. Manufacturer's part number PC5400.


    Installation Manual (221KB)

    433 & 900MHz Spread Spectrum Wireless Receivers

    This receiver module, which can be placed anywhere on the system, will receive signals from up to 32 wireless sensors. Each sensor is supervised for low battery and tampering. Features a orthogonal antenna arrangement for better RF reception. Detects RF jamming as a zone tamper. The wireless zones can be assigned to slots 1 to 32 only. Manufacturer's part number PC5132433.

    Wireless Expansion Sensors for 7510R Receiver


    Installation Manual (393KB)

    Wireless Universal Transmitter

    Ideal for door and windows. Can be used directly on frame with included magnet mounted on the door or sash. Also includes terminals for an external switch. Runs on three alkaline "AAA" cells. Manufacturer's part number WLS925L433.


    Installation Manual (174KB)

    Wireless PIR Motion Detector

    Comes with a wide coverage lens that provides coverage up to 50 ft. with a 60 ft. width. Runs on four alkaline "AAA" cells. Manufacturer's part number WLS904P433.


    Installation Manual (161KB)

    Smoke Detector

    Advanced 90 photoelectric detection pattern and specially designed smoke chamber for superior detection and dust resistance. Visible flash light and audible trouble chirp for low battery warning. Loud 85dB piezoelectric alarm horn. UL Listed (standard 217). Runs on six alkaline "AA" cells. Manufacturer's part number WLS906433.

    Intercom Expansion Options


    Interior Intercom Station

    Two-way intercom, background music and room monitoring. Each station can be used to initiate or receive pages, answer incoming calls, answer the doorbell, monitor rooms or sound an alarm follower. An audio interface module installed with the main controller is required. Each station must be home-run to the interface module using shielded 22 gauge, 4-conductor wire. Manufacturer's part number PC5921.
    Installation Manual (72KB)


    Exterior Intercom Station

    Use up to two exterior audio stations with your alarm system. It is housed in a gray fade-resistant case, designed for outside use. Each station has a separate microphone and speaker. Each station must be home-run to the interface module using shielded 22 gauge, 4-conductor wire. The station can be used to sound the doorbell chime on interior audio stations. Manufacturer's part number PC5921EXT.
    Installation Manual (72KB)


    Central Station Interior
    Listen-in & Talk Module

    The interior central station talk/listen module is used in conjunction with the audio interface module for talk/listen-in purposes. While all other station types can provide talk/listen-in capabilities, this station provides an added level of volume to the central station operator's voice. Each station has a separate microphone and speaker. Each station must be home-run to the interface module using shielded 22 gauge, 4-conductor wire. All stations can be used to sound an alarm follower. Manufacturer's part number PC5904.

    Other Expansion Options


    Keypad & Intercom Backplate

    This bracket is used for mounting BOTH the intercom and the keypad. Dimensions are approximately 8.2" x 4.5" x 0.25". Manufacturer's part number PC55BP1.


    Keypad & Intercom Backplate with Zone Expansion Module Bracket

    This bracket will hold a 7500x expansion board or the PC5208 8 low current output module plus mountings BOTH the intercom and the keypad. Dimensions are approximately 8.2" x 4.5" x 0.7". Manufacturer's part number PC55BP2.

    #7500P will not work in a 50Hz structure (i.e. Europe).