Professional Wireless Camera under $300.00
This wireless camera system takes professional surveillance to the next level. Perfect choice for temporary wireless camera surveillance where multiple cameras can be used with one receiver. The CMOS camera consists of a 1/3" image sensor with approximately 300 lines of resolution.

Slightly larger than a quarter, this wireless camera is versatile enough to use in just about any video surveillance situation.

Setup and operation is easy.

The wireless camera operates on your choice AC power or battery pack, both included. Batteries will last about 5 to 6 hours while AC will last until the cows come home and are sound asleep.

The 4 channel receiver hooks directly to your TV/VCR or camcorder with external video inputs. Use your existing recorder without the need to purchase expensive accessories.

The wireless camera will send video up to 300 foot, line of site, to the included receiver. You can purchase up to 3 additional cameras and use them with the same receiver. It even has a built in switcher so operation is hands free.

FCC Approval means you are perfectly within the legal requirements when operating the wireless camera. You don't have to worry about interfering with aircraft navigation like you do with some of the other wireless cameras on the market.

Included in this set:

- Color Wireless Camera 2.4GHz
- Battery Holder
- AC Adapter for camera and receiver
- Mounting bracket for wireless camera
- 4 channel video receiver with built in sequencing
- RCA patch cable for connecting with your VCR

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