Professional Universal Modulator
Professional Universal Modulator

- Digitally displayed channel number
- TV Channels 21-69 CATV
- Channels 56 -110
- Aerial, AV and DC pass through

Connect any composite video device, such as a CCTV camera or camcorder to the aerial socket of a TV. This versatile modulator allows you to select the RF channel on TV or CATV frequencies via an digital LED display. Connections are via composite video and stereo audio phono (RCA) sockets. An TV/CATV input is provided as well as an output, allowing loop-through connection, so that the output of this modulator can be added into an existing aerial distribution network. The full range of available channels means that multiple modulators can be daisy-chained and also avoids conflict with existing broadcast channels (including Channel 5) and other domestic equipment (VCR, Sky, DVD, etc). This modulator is powered via a plug in mains power supply (supplied) and housed in a sturdy metal case.

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