Product Spotlight: Panasonic Color Network Cameras
Find out what's happening inside your house from anywhere in the world with a COLOR surveillance camera that you can remotely pan across the entire room directly over the Web! Just put this camera in the room you want to monitor, connect it to an Ethernet connection, with or without a PC at the camera site, and you'll be able to pull up live video images from anywhere in the world where you can access the Internet!

Built-In Web Server ? Not Computer Dependent Ordinary Web cameras require a dedicated video capture card or a USB port, which means you'll lose the camera connection if your computer locks up or if the software crashes. But this camera has a Web server, control software (TCP/UDP) and e-mail software (SMTP) built right into the hardware, so you won't have to keep a PC running! It's also a great energy saver since the camera only draws 8 watts of power, compared to PCs that may run well over 150 watts.

Remote Panning & Tilting for More Control You'll also be able to see what's happening anywhere in the room thanks to a remote panning and tilting ability that you control over the Web! With a 120? horizontal and 45? vertical span, this camera blows standard, fixed-angle cameras out of the water. Three picture resolutions are available, up to a maximum of 640 x 480 with a 1.5x digital zoom! It can even send images over e-mail when triggered by a timer or by an external motion sensor or contact switch. Imagine having a photo sent to you via e-mail when someone arms or disarms your home or business alarm system. The possibilities are endless and the choice is all yours!

Can be Viewed by Up to 10 Users Simultaneously! Up to four cameras in multiple locations can be viewed simultaneously. The images can be sent in a "streaming" mode, allowing you to see pictures at up to 15 frames per minute (dependant on network performance) or refreshed every few seconds. Images can be viewed by as many as 10 users simultaneously ? perfect for use by multiple family members.

Works With Static or Dynamic IP Addresses If you have a static IP address or a local area network (LAN), there are no monthly service charges, no sign-up fees or any other costs apart from the price of the camera and your existing Internet access costs. For cable modem or DSL users whose "dynamic IP address" can be changed by your Internet service provider, you can have images uploaded to a third party server. For example, with from Panasonic, your camera can transmit images to Panasonic's server where you can pull down images. You'll be assigned your own Web page for viewing images, like Rates vary from $39.95 for one year to $79.95 for three years. A free trial period is included with every purchase so you can evaluate the service.

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