Powerful WiFi antenna used in California and New York City now being used for Nigeria Hotspot


Chevron Nigeria uses new USA produced WiFi-Plus multi-polarity obstruction penetrating antenna for successful telecom in challenging environment

Chicago, IL July 18, 2004 -- New, patented antennas from WiFi-Plus, Inc. which are being used in city-wide WiFi deployment in Lancaster, CA and electronic signage networks on the streets of New York City, is connecting Chevron in Nigeria to the world through an 802.11b hotspot.

"The vastly superior performance of the WiFi-Plus antenna, and the associated need for less equipment overall, allowed us to proceed with this project, and to enjoy very high telecom performance" said Jaime Vargas Communication Consultant for Why Wire, Inc. the project spokesman.

Mr. Vargas of Why Wire added, "By integrating WiFi-Plus, Inc. obstruction penetrating antennas with our Rasta 2400 base stations, we were capable of delivering reliable, available, scalable wireless telecom which as an added bonus, required only a quarter of the base stations originally expected. All other antennas tested either failed or rendered the project cost-prohibitive. WiFi-Plus is clearly the new standard. Finally for the customer premise (CPE) we decided to use the Horizon cards by Direct2Data. These cards not only out performed other card, but they we are able to provide a good data throughput even on a fair or faint signal level".

The patented WiFi-Plus, Inc. multi-polarity antenna met the challenges of a particularly difficult wireless telecom environment. Signal obstacles in the 3 mile radius included:

1. Buildings made of concrete walls or center block walls with reinforced steel.
2. Building exterior was 100% covered with highly reflective tile with few windows (windows allow the signal to propagate inside).
3. Dense foliage
4. Roofs made of aluminum.
5. Humidity reaching 90%, temperatures as high as 110F, and monsoon rains.

While speaking with leaders from the satellite, military and homeland security sectors as well as municipal and telecom industry representatives during ISCe2004, the International Satellite Conference and Expo, held in Long Beach, CA, WiFi-Plus, Inc. President Dennis Broderick said, "The flow of commercial and public safety information between people and devices is no longer impeded by performance or cost constraints that have been imposed by antenna technology. WiFi-Plus multi-polarity antenna technology created in the US enables the next generation of connectivity to proceed."

About WiFi-Plus, Inc.
Wifi-Plus, Inc. holds exclusive patent rights on its proprietary antenna designs, which gathers multi-path reflection and refractions in multiple polarizations and multiple planes, achieving superior coverage in areas that other antennas will receive noise or drop out. WiFi-Plus multi-polarized (MP) antennas collect the available signal in a Doppler-like, 3 dimensional space and combine these signals to produce a signal that would otherwise be considered non-existent. WiFi-Plus is the only antenna manufacturer able to make such a claim.
WiFi-Plus, Inc. antenna users include municipalities, telecom providers, retailers, corporations, military, public safety, emergency response, academic, research and government organizations. The firm operates through various distribution channels and recently announced an alliance with to advance the supply of electronic signage networks for retail, commercial and public information applications. See www.wifi-plus.com ;   

About Why Wire, Inc.
Why Wire develops intelligent wireless communications products and offers integration solutions to corporations, schools, municipalities, and internet service providers throughout the world. The success of our Rasta 2400 product family lies in its multi-radio support, ruggedness, smart configuration agents, centralized management, ease of deployment and its ability to support a cost-effective business model for all types of operators

Why Wire network integrator services focus on difficult RF wireless environments. Their focus is to combine best of breed solutions in the wireless market with their Rasta 2400 product line to deliver the best connectivity for their clients. For further information on Why Wire, contact e-mail protected from spam bots.

About Direct2Data
Wireless products and services are developed by ParkerVision, Inc., utilizing Direct2Data Technology.

ParkerVision? is a leader in developing wireless communications products and related technologies. Among ParkerVision's technologies is its unique radio frequency transceiver technology, D2D?. Patented D2D radio communications technology enables the development of advanced highly integrated products for a wide range of wireless and wired radio-based devices. D2D's technology simplifies wireless electronics, resulting in smaller, more cost-effective, high-performance communications products.

ParkerVision, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, designs, develops and manufactures communications technology platforms and products for the wireless and video industries. The video division is engaged in the design, development and marketing of CameraMan? automated video cameras and PVTV? live video production systems for broadcasting and webcasting. Users of PVTV and CameraMan products include ABC News, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Clear Channel, McGraw-Hill, Media General, and many network television affiliates across the United States.

Additional information about ParkerVision (NASDAQ: PRKR) is available at www.parkervision.com and information about Direct2Data Technologies at www.d2d.com.

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Jaime E. Vargas
Why Wire Inc.
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