Powerful Automation and Reliable Security ?The New M1 From Elk Products
LAS VEGAS, NV ?When the team at asiHome gets wind of a new product, they jump to get a peek at it and figure out if it lives up to the hype. So, when they got their hands on the new M1 security and automation system from Elk Products, they were ready to put it through its paces.

asiHome, an innovative retailer of home automation, home security, and home technology products had their first M1-Gold system installed in their Las Vegas Project House. And the results were exciting.

揥e抳e always felt that Elk Products were top-notch, and the M1Gold system installed is no exception,?says asiHome VP of Sales & Marketing, Leo Soderman. 揑n the M1 systems, Elk has delivered power and flexibility at a remarkable price.?

The systems feature the best of security systems and automation controllers, rolled into one package. For example, the security features include 16 security zones (expandable to 208), up to 48 wireless security zones, and multiple arming levels. But the real strength comes when you combine these functions with the automation capabilities of the M1-series. According to Soderman, 揂 security system is like the eyes and ears of your home. It knows what goes on through motion detectors, door and windows sensors, and other sensing devices. It only makes sense that you would tie these into your home automation control?

The automation functions are programmed using Elk抯 ELK-RP software, using easy Whenever/And/Then programming. One example of how this programming can be used for practical purposes is a set of rules developed for the Project House. The system has been programmed to check the rear sliding glass door (which leads to the pool) every 8 seconds. If the door is open, the system uses its voice module to announce, 揚ool sliding glass door is open? The homeowner liked this feature, until the 4th of July rolled around. The volume of folks walking in and out the door kept the voice singing out ?every eight seconds. This was remedied by programming a function button on the nearest keypad to act as a silence button for the alarm ?one press, and the alarm is disabled, a second press, and it抯 back online. Now parties are no problem, and the system rearms itself after a given period of time with no activity.

Soon to be released add-on modules include thermostat interfaces, for controlling HVAC systems and acting on temperature/humidity information; an Ethernet interface, for controlling and programming the system remotely; serial port expanders, allowing control of multiple serial (RS-232) devices; and proximity readers, so users can enter their homes with just a swipe of a keytag.

So what does all this power cost? The top-of-the-line M1Gold SYS4 system runs $714.99, and includes the system, enclosure with lock and key, one keypad, back-up battery, power transformer, RJ31x jack and voice/siren speaker. Base packages for the Gold system, which include the system, enclosure, and power transformer, start at $591.99. The standard M1 Systems is expected to be available Sept. 1, 2004, with a base system price of $396.99. As M1 Gold systems are currently in limited release, asiHome is proud to announce they are in stock and available for immediate shipment.

More information on the M1 systems can be found at http://www.asihome.com/PR-M1G.htm

ABOUT asiHome

Originally Advanced Services Inc., asiHome is an online retailer of home automation, home theater, home security and home technology products. With shipping locations in Pennsylvania and Nevada, asiHome provides quick and accurate delivery of orders within the United States and Canada. Their website is www.asiHome.com, and orders can be placed toll free at 800-263-8608.

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